You can upload your music to a million different sites these days. Your questions will probably be as many as the sites to which you can upload your music. Is digital streaming the best way to broadcast your music? Do you think internet radio would be a good fit? Is there a channel that counts toward charts, and is there one that is declining? Does one of them offer a better rate of return than the others?

These questions all have straightforward answers, which is fortunate. When you don’t know where to start with internet radio, it’s easy to get started. Even though you can find success with any of these outlets, internet radio promotion has some distinct advantages, especially for newer musicians. There are many different music playlist platforms, but this is an amalgam of several of the best. 70% of the music heard online and on mobile devices is heard on the Internet. A massive number of music fans listen to their favorite songs on this online platform. The platform is also great for artists living in less populous areas who may have a hard time reaching a broad audience through a traditional radio format.


Almost anywhere in the world can access Internet radio stations. The result is that your fans will be able to find you wherever they are, and you will receive consistent play from them wherever they are.

Marketing to specific audiences

With Internet radio, artists have the opportunity to work together with mainstream artists who play similar styles or genres to their own, making sure that the right audience hears their music at the right time. Choosing specific demographics will help you determine your target audience after you have determined who it is.


A brand needs metrics to know who its audience is, so internet radio can provide valuable information. If someone plays your music, you’ll receive real-time feedback about your audience, their opinion of your music, and which of your songs has the biggest growth potential. As well as ranking your music geographically, you’ll be able to choose a location.

Exceptional audio quality

It is possible to listen to your music with the better sound quality on the Internet than via traditional radio. Regardless of how your music is played, the audio quality is consistent since it does not depend on radio towers or other environmental factors.


In addition, some Internet radio stations reward artists with points for their excellent performances. You can also provide your music to companies that make visual media, such as television and movies, in the form of synchronization licenses as well as label submissions.

A decrease in advertising

As their songs don’t air on commercial-free channels, artists won’t lose their audience from those programs. Listeners have the option to avoid these ads entirely when they listen to internet radio, as there are fewer of them. Your audience will visit your site more often, and for a longer period of time, if the user experience is better. Better user experiences will lead to more subscribers who will remain on your site longer.


Live streaming and meditation sessions are two of the most common techniques used by successful performers to stay in touch with their audience.

It’s never the other way around – you gain followers as you build relationships. Taking the time to be responsive to comments and to pay close attention to their interests will result in deeper relationships with your audience. Spend less time worrying about social media when you use one of our amazing social media solutions.


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