The Playstation 4 Camera is no longer in production. You can still buy it used off eBay, but why would you do that? It’s too old to work with the brand new Playstation VR headset. This technology has evolved so much since 2014 when the PS4 was released.

It is vital to understand what you need to know about Playstation 5 camera before buying it.

Does Not Work With Playstation VR?

The PS4 camera does not work with Playstation VR and requires you to be very close to the camera to register your facial expressions. Additionally, there are no cables attached to the PS4 camera.

Playstation 5 will recognize your face when you enter the room without having to sign in by pressing the “PS Button” on your controller. So, there’s no more tripping over wires trying to get up and play games.

High Resolution

The NEW Playstation 5 Camera has a 4K resolution, compared to the 480p of the PS4 camera. The Playstation 4 Camera offers excellent output results.


You can use the Playstation 5 Camera to capture video and audio, which you can upload directly to YouTube. The device will be compatible with the Playstation VR headsets, which means better games & experience for everyone. Unlike the PS4 camera, it works with Playstation VR perfectly.

Voice Recognition

Seemingly, there isn’t much difference between the PS4 camera and the PS5 camera because both work with voice recognition software.

The difference becomes apparent when you know what you need to know about Playstation 5 camera before buying it.

The PS4 camera does recognize your voice better than the PS5 camera if spoken directly into it. But you will need to speak out loud for game characters to hear you enough so they can respond accordingly (if ever).

The Playstation 5 camera will hear you just fine regardless of how you say it. You can whisper, and the device will pick up your words immediately without delay.


The Playstation 5 camera is a lot smaller than the PS4 camera.

Dark Mode

The Playstation 5 camera will be able to see in the dark. The PS4 camera couldn’t do that either, so this feature wasn’t just added; it was improved and made better than before.

Face Recognition

The PS4 camera offers built-in background removal for your facial recognition login only. This function is not available through any other means.

This function comes in handy playing games such as “Destiny,” where you can turn your head and look behind you while still keeping track of your character’s position on the screen.

Auto Focus Tracking

The camera comes with 4K AF tracking compared to only 1080p on the PS4 camera. So, if you want a steady shot of your gameplay, there’s no question: Upgrade to the Playstation 5 camera.


You can take screenshots with the selfie stick with the Playstation 5 camera instead of capturing video and editing it to get a great shot.

It was called point and shoot. Everything these days is about sharing experiences as they happen because everyone wants their 15 seconds of fame.

Wrapping Up

Just imagine! You could take a selfie of yourself and your friends as you play “Call of Duty.”


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