Rolling Stone released the names of the ten K-pop acts most likely to succeed in the United States in 2012. Because of the massive exportation of South Korean culture worldwide in the 2000s — a movement known as Korean Wave or the Hallyu — attaining substantial US popularity was a genuinely reachable, if still faraway, accomplishment for South Korean pop bands.

The ranking, which was published two months before Psy’s “Gangnam Style,” featured 2NE1, Big Bang, Girls’ Generation — the best of commonly referred to as the “2nd gen” of pop bands to arise amid K-surge pop’s to international fame.
It didn’t contain, meanwhile, a band of teenage males who had just been gathered through a professional auditioning procedure and were being painstakingly groomed and prepared for their launch.

The band published a series of Soundcloud videos on December 22, 2012, including its seven members singing in English and Korean, along with a rapping rendition of Wham’s “Last Christmas.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t precisely the sort of thing popular in Korean hip-hop.

However, the group in theory — Bangtan Boys, commonly known as BTS — will change the perspective of all-male pop groups in South Korean popular music and demolish notions of what international breakthrough achievement sounded like for South Korean artists.

BTS’s ascent to fame has become so rapid in recent years that their current song, “Butter,” is a huge event. “Butter” is the group’s debut release since a trifecta of revolutionary, historical No. 1 hits in autumn 2020.

This article will explore everything about BTS – from who they are, the heights they have achieved, what has made them famous, what their future holds – everything!

So, ladies (and gentlemen too), sit back, grab a bowl of popcorn, and learn some juicy details and insights about your favorite bands!

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Why is BTS So Popular

Who is BTS?

Bangtan Sonyeondan, known as BTS, is a South Korean K-pop group that debuted in 2013 and gained popularity through their pop songs around 2018. The group consists of RM, Jin, J-Hope, Suga, V, Jungkook, and Jimin. The respected members each have a fixed role to play.

While Suga and RM are the lead rappers, J-Hope and Jimin are the principal dancers, and Jin, V, and Jungkook are the vocalists. Though these are the fixed positions, the members often work as all-rounders and don’t restrict themselves to one area.

For many years now, BTS has been releasing quality content that people of every age group love. It is undoubtedly challenging to target such a diverse audience, but BTS has proven to get over this obstacle. Hence, B.T.S. is one of the biggest boy bands in the world.

While many of you ladies may not know this, the BTS moniker has been shortened to “Beyond The Scene.”

The band was founded in 2010 and signed to Big Hit Entertainment in 2013. They’ve published eight original songs via Universal Music throughout their lifetime. The most recently released is “Be,” produced in 2020.

That same year, they launched their debut English-language song, “Dynamite,” which set a YouTube milestone with the most-watched premieres.

So, how was BTS Discovered?

Their present consulting firm, Big Hit Entertainment, a South Korean music business, initially found BTS members in 2010.

As per a new Harvard Business School research study, they specifically found the worldwide success of BTS, music organizations such as Big Hit have a few distinct ways of attracting talents, whether that’s on the internet or in person.

BTS member Suga, for instance, was unearthed by entertainment companies after actively looking for “Superstar K,” a Korean TV series equivalent to “American Idol,” in the fall of 2010. In contrast, Jungkook informed a Korean radio program that entertainment companies also identified him after auditioning for “Superstar K,” a Korean show equivalent to the “American Idol.”

Band Members of BTS

I know you want to know more about the band itself, but it’s also essential to learn about its members to have a deeper understanding of your favorite k-pop musicians.


Jimin, 25, is the lead singer and the group’s newest addition. He was born with the name Park Ji-min. He majored in modern dance and was regarded as among the most exemplary students in the classroom.


RM, who was born Kim Nam-Joon, is the group’s primary leader and rapper. The 26-year-old studied in New Zealand and spoke the language fluently. He’s also published a solo record with the same name. Environmental protection is a humanitarian subject for which he has become well-known among his admirers.


Born as Kim Tae-Hyung, V is a 25-year-old singer who also works as an artist. V’s live cam became the most-watched fan cam of the year on August 28, 2021, including over 12 million hits.


Jungkook, 23, is the group’s youngest member, having been born as Jeon Jung-kook. Jungkook began peaking on August 29 as his “ARMY” prepared for his special occasion with his birthdate fast approaching.

On the same day, his Spotify album “Jungkook’s Favorite Songs” surpassed 1.5 million subscribers to become the most-followed personal Korean musician album on the site.


J-Hope, named Jung Ho-Seok, is among the band’s composers, with over 77 compositions to his name. He also produced a single cassette in 2018. If Only is his all-time favorite movie, he recently informed TeenVogue.


Jin, who was named Kim Seok-jin, is the band’s oldest member at 28 years old. Jin is a musician who graduated from Konkuk University with a degree in acting and art. He was recruited for the band while in university.


Suga, who was born Min Yoon-gi, is also a rapper in the group. Notwithstanding his popularity as a musician, Suga initially desired to be a production manager and had no desire to rap. He has numerous times spoken about psychological health during his career and is well-known for his generosity.

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What are BTS: ‘ Thoughts About the Covid-19 Pandemic and the Effect on Mental Health?

The Covid-19 epidemic has resulted in a slew of negative consequences. The K-pop group says it has motivated them.

Following the postponement of their “Map of the Soul” concert due to safety reasons, the group utilized their downtime to rebrand themselves and begin performing entirely in English.

Their three English singles, “Permission to Dance,” “Butter,” and “Dynamite,” all landed at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart as a result of their selections.

Notwithstanding the tracks’ popularity, several group members told Billboard that they weren’t entirely sold on the concept initially.

Jin admitted that performing and singing in English seemed strange to him initially. He explained, “The English I learned in the classroom was so distinct from the English in our music.” “First and foremost, I would have to delete everything within my brain.”

RM went on to say that although he didn’t like the concept, he realized that there was “no option” but that it was a necessary step in keeping the group’s momentum going.

Why is BTS So Different from the Other Bands?

BTS is unlike any other Korean band, which is what keeps them distinctive and exciting. Many Korean male groups concentrate on TV shows, so they don’t undertake worldwide performances or tour other nations for their albums, instead of pleasing their native Korean fanbase with their vocal talents.

On the other hand, BTS chose a different path, relying on social networks to engage with their followers, which has helped them become who they are now. They are not just worldwide superstars, but they are also incredibly modest, and they do live broadcasts with their fandom, or as I like to call it, their BTS army.

They constantly put their focus and attention into their music and followers, which would be why none of the guys of BTS have their own social media profiles. They place a greater emphasis on the growth of the BTS world in general, which distinguishes them from other bands.

Now – The Million Dollar Question: Why is BTS So Popular?

This is a complicated question that cannot be answered in a single statement. BTS has shattered boundaries worldwide, winning a slew of honors and honors in their homeland, region, and throughout the world recently. There’s a lot to say, so let’s look at a few factors why BTS is so renowned.

Work Ethic

It’s no surprise that BTS is brilliant and constantly diligent, having come from a firm that was still establishing its footing in the massive market, debuting with knock-off creative designs. It’s been suggested that their breakthrough onstage was facilitated since they succeeded another band; Suga probably alluded to this one in his line from Love Yourself: Her titled “Sea.”

The road hasn’t been easy, and they couldn’t win their first musical competition until two years following their debut with ‘I Need U.’ The band is recognized for its coordination and delicate flawless dance, challenging orchestrations that connect all of the guys with their varied dance forms, as demonstrated by the groups’ publication of dancing rehearsal performance on their YouTube channel, BANGTANTV, even before their launch.

The Message Behind the Songs

The singers of BTS have already been public concerning their problems, particularly with mental wellbeing. They have been extremely open with ARMY about it, serving as positive examples and consolation to young people via their path and emotions.

They became UNICEF’s #ENDViolence advocates with their Love Myself initiative that resulted in them visiting the United Nations General Assembly and RM making the BTS address.

The individuals are famous for posting long and thoughtful letters about their thoughts and reflections. Suga publicly exposes his mental instability and stardom problems in his lyrics and songs, most notably in the lyrics of Halsey’s last released record Manic, which was to be released in 2020.


BTS has been working diligently since their pre-debut, composing and creating songs and dancing moves, much of which has been shared on social media. In the run-up to their appearance, they also wrote journals about their encounters and general thoughts, giving the public a sense of their identities and what was significant to each band member.

Their first single, ‘No More Dream,’ posed several intriguing issues to their generation’s youngsters. They didn’t hesitate to discuss personal experiences and current affairs in their areas. They’re not afraid to embrace their heritage. This subject has persisted in many incarnations, from ‘Satoori Rap,’ which explores the accents of the area each individual is from, to ‘IDOL.’

BTS utilized its worldwide platform to demonstrate Korean cultural heritage and respect for African civilizations, earning accolades for ‘IDOL.’ Their song takes the audience on a trip as people grow up and find themselves. The theme is optimism, encouraging young people of their promising future.

Motivate them to continuously walk out from under the shadows of past generations’ standards. The present members live-streams on a consistent schedule, some of which coincide with album launches and provide further perspective into the recording and composition processes.


Their ideas are multi-faceted and convey a tale, whether fictitious or non-fictional, linked with the individuals personally, adding to their creativity. ARMY has the option of engaging with the fictional universe of BU. and the ideas that accompany it. Bangtan Universe (BU) is a fictitious realm centered on musical, music videos, novels, and, most recently, a WEBTOON launched in 2019, tying the singers together in a complex plot.

The ideas are well-thought-out, provocative, and link ARMY to various artistic expressions and genres. The creative concepts, sets and costumes, and record packing, which in itself was shortlisted for a GRAMMY in 2018, are all taken into account. ARMY has examined numerous areas of the crafts, especially literature, philosophy, history, theology, and modern art, via certain notions.

For various sorts of followers, there are several ways to support BTS and connect with their creativity. With the publication of ‘Interlude: Shadow ‘a year ago, the first program in the run-up to their forthcoming reappearance was released, raising expectations that this return will be a stride above all prior performances.

1. Performance Makes Their Song Better

It’s no good having great songs when you can’t market those to the entire world, and BTS has mastered this art by ensuring that their concerts are fun and their performances stand out from the others. Their ability shines through, and they have wowed a fanbase that is generally alluded to as the “ARMY” with their precise dance steps and highly spectacular live performances.

With 30 million Instagram followers and 23.6 million Twitter followers, BTS is among the most devoted and adoring admirers the planet has ever seen. Some of the other fandoms are afraid to tamper with them since their followers just placed an incredible 300 million online nominations to secure the brand’s Billboard award victory.

In only one month in Autumn 2017, viewers viewed the video for ‘DNA’ on YouTube 50 million times! Several web pages, accounts, and websites are established throughout the planet where Army individuals upload information, write comments, and express their support for the seven boys.

2. Song Sources 

Discovering alternative inspirations and ideas for their songs is another area in which BTS excels. Although most of their tracks are in Korean, except ‘Dynamite’ and their already released ‘Butter,’ they are all influenced by their situations. One of their most recent albums, Map of the Soul: 7, is this. Carl Jung’s analytical psychology ideas influenced the tracks on the Map of the Soul: 7 albums.

Whereas the CD chronicles the band’s progress from its inception in 2000, the tracks are based on human psychology – personality, shadows, and self. One factor that draws people to the group is the fresh ideas and mental approachability that they achieve via their songs. And because their lyrics also represent a portion of their life or hardships, as well as the humility of their quest, TIME’s Entertainer of the Year 2020, is highly likable.

3. Records: The Most Watched YouTube Music Video

BTS premiered the video for the song “IDOL” on August 27, 2018, and it received 45 million views in only 24 hours, beating Taylor Swift’s old best of 43. 2 million for “Look What You Made Me Do” in much the same timeframe.

Subsequently, on April 12, 2019, BTS released the official music video for “Boy with Luv,” which further smashed the YouTube benchmark. In a mere night, “Boy with Luv” received 74.6 million views, over double BTS’ former YouTube milestone and about 20 million as much as the previous highest holders (BLACKPINK with “Kill This Love”).

However, when it finally came for Dynamite, the audience was not prepared, as BTS shattered the milestone for the top 24-hour song premiere on YouTube, accumulating a stunning 101.1 million views, according to a YouTube representative, which is crazy when you think of it. These boys have well and indeed marked their made a massive name for themselves in such a short space of time!

First Korean Act to Present at the Grammy’s

BTS made an m-a-j-o-r presence at the 2019 Grammy Awards. The band was the production’s first-ever Korean artist to give out an award.

BTS gave HER the prize for Best R&B Album, and if their experience with awards ceremonies is any indication, we might see the BTS become the first K-Pop act to win a Grammys someday!

Let’s hope for the best!

Why is BTS So popular

Fasted to One Million on TikTok

According to the Guinness World Records Association, BTS earned one million TikTok followers in record speed: 3 hours and 31 minutes, which was revealed on October 23. Wow, I’m in desperate need of a TikTok right now, but isn’t it still being banned?

First K-pop Band Win the Billboard Awards 5 TIMES!

With their latest in 2021, BTS has now 5 number one openings on the Billboard Hot 100 list, tying Drake and Ariana Grande with the most top debuts in the history of the ranking. With their collaboration new track “My Universe,” Coldplay and BTS fly to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 songs list. And that’s not the end of it; BTS has swept the Billboard floor for Number One openers THREE times in 2021, with songs like “Dynamite,” “Butter,” and “Permission to Dance.”

Why is BTS So popular

First Band Following the Beatles to Have 3 Number 1s at the Billboard Within a Year

Tear: Love Yourself, Answer: Love Yourself, and Map of the Soul: Love Yourself Inside a year, all Persona albums were published and went to No. 1. The Beatles were the last band to accomplish it, with three No. 1 records from November 1995 and October 2016.

Most Tweets Engagement Ever

Following wishing BTS.’ Jungkook the best wish on Twitter, Justin Bieber replied, “Now watch this tweet go wild.” According to the BBC, BTS has by far the most Twitter interactions worldwide, with each post receiving an average of 330,624 likes, replies, retweets, or any other engagements.

Having 147,653 interactions per tweet, Harry Styles formerly set the record.

The First Korean Act to Perform at the US

Once the band played the TV premiere of their song Fake Love at the 2018 Billboard Awards, they made history as the first Korean musicians to appear and the first Asian musician to premiere a new single.

That isn’t all, though. BTS is also the first Korean band to play at the American Music Awards, which the band accomplished with their track DNA in November 2017.

First Korean Act to be Nominated on AMA

BTS appeared at the American Music Awards in 2017, and then in 2018, they were the first Korean band to be shortlisted for an AMA in the genre of Favorite Social Artist.

First Asian Artist to Surpass 5 Billion Streams on Spotify

BTS is the first and only K-Pop band and, by coincidence, the very first Asian band to reach 5 billion Spotify plays.

First K-pop Album to Appear Number One 200

BTS Love Yourself: Tear debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 list in May 2018, making this the first K-Pop record to achieve the feat.  It was also the first foreign-language No. 1 record in twelve years on the Billboard 200.

First K-pop Act to Hit Number One of Billboard Artist 100 Chart

BTS.’ Love Yourself: Tear jumped from No. 4 on the Billboard Artist 100 list to No. 1 the same week it was released.

BTS United Nations Speech

In 2021, the event featured a mix of in-person and digital engagement. To start off the high-level event, the seven members of the world’s hottest supergroup stepped onstage and over a million people around the world on the internet as the South Korean boy group displayed a video performance (of “Permission to Dance,” which was filmed on the premises of the United Nations) and gave a live speech regarding global warming, digital community, immunisations, and the authority of young generation to shape the future outcome.

“It is more appropriate to refer of this particular generation as a “welcome generation” rather than a “lost generation.” We are going to be a generation that embraces change “Jin, a member of the group, stated.

BTS gained attention in September 2018 when it became the first and the youngest Korean mainstream pop band to speak before the United Nations (UN). And in 2020, the band presented their thoughts in front of the UN for the second time in a virtual assembly.

3 Interesting Facts About BTS

  • All of the guys reside together, and Jin is said to do most of the cooking.
  • J-Hope, according to the group’s choreographer, Mr. Son, is the finest dancer.
  • What do they enjoy doing to unwind? SLEEP IS THE ANSWER!

And Finally – The BTS Army

Music has a unique ability to bring people together. Although BTS produces several of the most intriguing tracks, many of which continue to lead or are included in the Billboard Hot 100 record, their respect of their followers has earned the group a large and dedicated fan base across the world. The group connects with its followers regularly, whether through live performances or social media platforms.

It might be argued that all musicians respect their fans, but BTS goes above and above to engage with them on a more intimate level, not only on stage and in thank-you statements. The septet’s fan group drew global recognition whenever it enabled it to win Top Social Artist (a fan-voted award) at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, with more than 300 million votes. Because of ARMY, BTS broke Justin Bieber’s record in the field for the very first time in six years.

Although many musicians have a sizeable foreign fanbase and, therefore, several social media profiles that interpret the artist’s appearances, it’s more passionate about BTS. The group’s cult-like audience has many social media accounts to select between, many of which give unique translations of the group’s interviews and social media posts.

Jiye Kim, the proprietor of a BTS. Twitter supporter translation accounts discuss her devotion to the consideration in a Time article, saying, “During promotion year, about two weeks before an album debuts, I will usually free my calendar as much as feasible of non–work-related activities… My sleep schedule would be altered.”

Whereas many people join ARMY since the music’s lyrics connect with them, others embrace BTS since their songs have supported them through their worst days. And besides, the group is open regarding their problems through their songs. People of any age adore the group because they don’t connect with anyone’s style and instead experiment with a number of them. We feel the same way!

Final Thoughts

BTS are ruling the modern era of music with their outstanding consistency and record-breaking music produced every year. The fans – or should I say the BTS Army not only loves the song because of group members’ natural singing abilities, but also behind the heart-touching messages of these songs.

I hope you enjoyed reading about your favorite band as much as I liked writing about these sensations. Comment down below to let me know what do you like the most about your favorite band!



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