You have likely seen adverts on television or online promoting the hiring of a personal injury lawyer or attorney, but you may be curious as to when it is appropriate to hire one.

In short, you should hire a personal injury attorney if you are injured in an accident or through negligence or wrongdoing. For example, if you have been injured crossing a crosswalk in your town or city due to inappropriately placed signs, this would warrant a personal injury attorney to help you seek compensation for the injuries.

It’s also important because an attorney will protect your best interests against insurance companies or corporations, who may want to pass the bill around when it comes to compensating you. So, this article will give you a bit more information to help you decide if you need to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Liability Is Disputed

First things first, whose fault is it that you were injured? If you have been in an accident, you will need to prove that there is another party that was negligent or made an error that led to your injury. A legal representative, like the Horst Shewmaker Law Firm, will then be tasked with determining how your injury occurred and who is responsible. If liability is disputed (which it usually will be), this is one of the most important roles that a personal injury attorney can play, as this research will help to develop a legal strategy to prove liability and get the compensation.

Have You Been Blamed for Contributing to the Injury?

This is common with car crashes. The other party’s insurance may pay for damages, but in most instances, they will claim that you were responsible by stating that you were speeding at the time of your accident or were inebriated, meaning you were partially at fault. If this is something that sounds familiar and you are having problems arguing your side, contact a personal injury attorney.

Are Many People Involved?

When multiple parties are involved in any personal injury case, it is worthwhile to contact a personal injury attorney. This is more common with claims such as medical malpractice, construction accidents, car pileups, and liability claims. However, be warned that if there are multiple parties involved in any claim, it can take longer or may be more complicated and will often be more challenging to fight.

Are You Now Injured or Have a Disability?

When you left for work that morning or were visiting friends, certainly, you didn’t intend to come home with an injury or disability. However, if you now require ongoing medical care or are unable to work for the rest of your life following a personal injury, you need compensation. Consider that future damages could cost millions over your life through loss of earnings, so you will need a personal injury attorney to defend you and ensure that you get the money you are deserving.

Is Your Insurance Company Not Helping?

Sadly, insurance companies are not interested in compensating you for injuries or damages. They would (in most cases) like to get out of paying anything at all. So, if they are failing to investigate a claim, are requiring unnecessary paperwork, or are refusing to pay a valid sum, please contact a personal injury attorney to defend you.


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