For consumers around the world, online shopping has now become an integral part of their everyday lives. According to a survey released by the US Commerce Department in 2019, eCommerce prevalence increased from 13.2 percent in 2017 to 16 percent in 2019. As a result, there is a greater demand for quick and dependable shipping companies. UPS SurePost, a service supplied by Atlanta-based courier UPS, is one of the online retailers’ most prominent shipping options. 

Here we’ll examine what the service includes, how to get around it, how much time delivery takes, which tracking features it gives, and who it’ll work brilliantly for. 

what is ups surepost

UPS SurePost

We must first explain what is UPS SurePost before you can begin using the service. Many eCommerce businesses want to offer their consumers delivery services that are reasonable, dependable, and quick. UPS SurePost fulfills these needs. In addition, retailers who ship items weighing less than ten pounds but requiring surveillance can use the service agreement courier service.

This trustworthy shipping company picks up your items at the post office and brings them to your clients’ doorsteps. Consignments can be shipped to all 50 American states, and also Puerto Rico and other US regions, military locations, and PO offices, from the 48 adjoining states of the United States. The company, unfortunately, does not cover overseas areas.

How UPS SurePost helps you save money?

UPS SurePost charges are particularly inexpensive because it primarily tackles non-urgent residential shipments which are supposed to be delivered on time without shattering the budget. The cost is largely influenced by which of the four options you select. These are some of them:

UPS SurePost Less – Packages must weigh just under 1 pound and have a volume of fewer than 130 inches.

UPS SurePost 1 pound or more – These are for larger and heavier items that must not surpass 130 inches in length.

UPS SurePost Bound Printed MatterIt is a service for paperbacks, books, and printed materials only.

UPS SurePost Media: This is limited to bindings, films, and medical folders and is for parcels weighing from 05 pounds to 70 pounds.

Now, let’s have a look at the pricing scheme:

From Florida to New York:

Residential UPS Ground – $13.64

Household UPS SurePost – $10.52 Savings – $3.12

From Florida to California :

Residential UPS Ground – $15.04

SurePost by UPS – $11.92

$3.12 in savings

In a word, when you ship with these services, you might anticipate saving around 20%.

Remember that when the weight of your products exceeds the provider’s weight limits, you will be charged additionally. For instance, if the measurements of your box are greater than 17 inches but less than 30 inches, you should anticipate spending an extra $2.50. However, you’ll be relieved to learn that there are no extra expenses for weekend delivery with this program. 

what is ups surepost

Weekend delivery service

It is provided with most of the company’s postal services. The UPS ground system, which transports packages across the United States, is one such case. The only drawback is that you must pay an additional fee and select this delivery service directly when booking your shipment. In 2019, Saturday collection services were introduced, and they are now accessible in 122 countries. UPS offers Saturday delivery as a real worth service. The additional price for Saturday delivery is $16 per box, in addition to the standard rate. On Saturday, UPS Stores are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. UPS Stores, on the other hand, are franchises, which means they can set their preferred schedules. Before going in on Saturdays, double-check the working hours at your nearest UPS Store. UPS doesn’t really serve on Sundays under ordinary circumstances. You can, therefore, arrange for UPS to deliver on Sundays. You might use the Express Critical Care Packages option for time-sensitive deliveries, which is a domestic-US service you can demand.

Delivery time

Among the most crucial components of several internet company proprietors’ operations will always be assured integrity and consistency of their products. UPS SurePost not only delivers on time, but it also does so at a lesser cost without sacrificing product quality.

For those curious about how long it takes for this UPS package to arrive, the answer is pretty simple: the delivery period is normally within two to seven days, and in addition to standard service, the company also provides weekend (Saturday) shipments.

Tracking Shipments

In collaboration with USPS, UPS SurePost provides clients with seamless tracking of orders. It’s quite straightforward to trace the progress of a package throughout delivery once a customer’s UPS SurePost tracking information becomes active. While FedEx demands a modification of tracking number when USPS turns across the last mile of the shipping trip, this system allows consumers to keep the same UPS SurePost tracking number all through the procedure. Typically, UPS delivery demands a sign before an item may be transported to a certain location; however, this is not the case with this UPS program.

This implies that products are dispatched to the locations given on the first try. When no one is around to accept the box when it is delivered, the mail carriers generally leave it at a secure position inside the specified location, such as the main porch, carport area, back door, or rear porch. 

what is ups surepost

The guide to using UPS SurePost

There are a few things you have to do before you can use this program. These are the actions to take:

  1. Choose a transporter and a profile to work with.
  2. Indicate where the package will be delivered.
  3. Indicate where the package will be sent.
  4. Fill in the measurements and weight of the package.
  5. Choose the type of service and the sort of endorsement you want (if applicable)
  6. Fill in the digits for the references.
  7. Choose a subclass (if applicable)
  8. Fill in the package information.
  9. Put any detailed requirements 
  10. Insert the parcel ID 
  11. To download the UPS SurePost logo and the Custom Statement CN 22 form, select the “Process Shipment” option.

If your shipment mysteriously disappears, making sure all the appropriate details make it easier to track down any UPS SurePost lost shipments. Before printing your shipping label, remember to designate whether the sender or the recipient is responsible for transport cost; indicating the “Return Services” shipping option makes package return easy if your items are not provided.

What type of businesses are most likely to benefit from UPS Surepost?

For many internet retailers, UPS SurePost can be a beneficial service provider. This system is sure to be valuable to internet business owners with non-urgent shipments, thanks to features like UPS SurePost tracking, low prices, consistent tracking, and complimentary Saturday shipments. Remember that if you already have your personal UPS profile, you may link it to your Easy ship account to enjoy discounted UPS SurePost pricing for your deliveries. If you don’t already have an Easy ship account, as part of our COVID-19 pandemic offerings, we’re also giving a 90-day trial version if you sign up by June 30.

UPS SurePost is not for all enterprises, so you need to initially determine whether yours will profit from it. This would assist you in determining whether to use UPS SurePost or ground services. If any of the following apply to your company, this service will be beneficial to you:

  • Every week, you dispatch a large number of packages.
  • The price of last-mile deliveries is rising.
  • Your deliveries aren’t in a hurry.
  • You have a weekly spend that authorizes your company to work with UPS at a reduced, discounted price.

what is ups surepost

Pros of using UPS SurePost

Delivery of a large number of parcels

Weekly, a vast number of parcels are delivered. SurePost may not be ideal for individuals who only ship once in a while, but it may be a nice choice if you regularly mail a significant number of packages.

The expenses of last-mile deliveries are substantial

However, because last-mile distribution accounts for so much of the transportation costs, SurePost could be an excellent way to save money.

Accelerated shipping is not mandated

SurePost is not really the right approach if you’re after something sent quickly. SurePost has the advantage of Saturday delivery, but this is not the best choice if customers need a speedy response.

To cut costs, you’ll need to spend money with UPS on a weekly basis

UPS uses the average weekly expenditure to set contractual pricing. So, increase your weekly spending by raising your spending and combining shipments from other providers to SurePost. As a consequence, by raising this spend. Ht parameter, you may be able to profit from decreased fees.

Integration with shipping software

When handling huge amounts of deliveries, the software is essential, as is integration. SurePost works with almost every technology, which is important if you already have a program in place.

The UPS and FedEx website provides integrated delivery monitoring. While the shipment labels can have two tracking numbers, one for the ground service and one for USPS, you only need to offer your client the UPS or FedEx tracking information.

Cons of UPS SurePost

Ground delivery takes longer to arrive

 SurePost normally takes one day longer to serve than UPS Ground. That’s because on the day UPS would ordinarily deliver the product to your customer’s door, it will instead be delivered to the closest USPS office.

Cannot ship beyond the contiguous 48 states of the United States

 While you may certainly send to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico using SurePost or SmartPost, the rates are simply too exorbitant to make it profitable. It is always preferable to send straight through USPS in these situations.

You should provide your own containers

Even though you have the benefit of ultimate delivery via USPS, you will not be able to use the complimentary packages that it supplies. While UPS will carry any box, the USPS will, in most situations, return a damaged Priority Mailbox to the sender.

Customers can become perplexed by centralized tracking

 When UPS or FedEx delivers a product to the USPS, customers are often perplexed. The monitoring report will show that the delivery has been shipped, usually to a separate zip code than the customers. Because of this, my company receives a somewhat larger amount of customer support inquiries from our SurePost deliveries. We informed clients that final delivery would be handled by USPS and also that the tracking information would appear as “Out for Delivery” in the appropriate postcode within 24 hours. As these technologies become more widely available, the number of queries should decrease.

Support for shopping carts is restricted

UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost both are incorporated into UPS and FedEx’s unique delivery APIs. The capabilities, however, are not included by configuration in the large proportion of shopping cart programs. However, direct API integration into your cart can be directly introduced if you are an expert developer or prepared to hire one.

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UPS SurePost Delivery strikes a solid combination between low cost and quick response. The UPS SurePost delivery process is slightly longer than UPS ground services, but it is reasonable given the cost. It also saves money over traditional ground shipping choices by transferring shipping to a vast delivery region to USPS that already visits many of the sites and can deliver on Saturdays. There are plenty of shipping choices available on the market. However, the most important thing is to discover a match between customers’ expectations and the most cost-effective method of delivery.

You can generate maximum savings in your firm if you find that match and use inventive alternatives to trim that last-mile expense. This company can be contrasted to other delivery service options in a number of ways. Due to the price difference, e-commerce companies can save up to $3.12 when compared to UPS Ground Residential. This service, unlike FedEx SmartPost, does not require consumers to exchange tracking numbers after switching from UPS to USPS on the last-mile delivery path.



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