India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore, boasts of being an excellent hub for entrepreneurial opportunities and the country’s healthcare hub too. The spate of hospitals and the entire quality of healthcare infrastructure here bears testimony to this fact. Whether you’re looking for the best neurosurgery hospital in Bangalore or want to consult a leading surgeon as part of your second opinion, this city offers result-oriented solutions!

However, before you head out to seek a neurological consultation, it is imperative to understand what exactly neurosurgery entails. Neurosurgery is a field of medicine that studies neurological disorders that require surgical intervention at some point in their development. As a result, it has a close link with Neurology since many of the illnesses researched and treated in both areas are comparable.

New invasive and non-invasive methods have made brain surgery easier. Because brain surgery involves many nerves, brain surgeons are also known as neurosurgeons. The brain transmits messages through the functions, and surgery is often the only option to correct the problem. The following are the most commonly performed neurosurgeries:

Surgery for Epilepsy:

When seizures start in a specific area of your brain, this procedure eliminates or alters that area to restore normal brain processes. If anti-seizure medication fails to work, doctors may recommend epilepsy surgery.

Cervical Discectomy (Anterior Cervical Discectomy): 

Anterior cervical discectomy is a technique that removes a disc from the front of the neck. The term ‘discectomy’ refers to the removal of a disc. This surgery is performed when a herniated disc produces intolerable neck discomfort despite other therapies such as physiotherapy. The problematic disc is then taken out, rendering a permanent solution.

Patients with persistent discomfort in their neck and back due to disc problems are also recommended to opt for this procedure. The degenerative disc in the neck is removed, and the bones are fused. Patients are allowed to leave the hospital on the day after the operation.


Neurosurgeons perform this procedure to remove a portion or all of the spinal bone. The spinal cord or nerve roots are relieved of pressure with this surgical procedure. If all other medical therapies for low back or neck discomfort caused by a disc or tumour fail, a laminectomy may be the sole option for addressing the problem.


This procedure is used to treat lumbar herniated discs. The objective of micro discectomies is to remove the section of your intervertebral disc that exerts pressure on your nerve and produces discomfort. However, like with other minimally invasive operations, surgeons utilise sophisticated devices and imaging techniques that allow them to create tiny incisions in your back muscles to reduce damage. As a consequence, you may heal faster and with minor discomfort.


A tube is introduced into the brain to drain extra fluid during a ventriculostomy. This operation includes making a drainage hole within a brain ventricle. It is most often performed on those who have hydrocephalus. It is accomplished by surgically piercing the skull, dura mater, and brain to gain access to the ventricle of the brain.

Summing Up:

The ideal way to approach these procedures is to find a reputed hospital in your city. Bangalore alone boasts of more than twenty such hospitals alone. So looking for the best neurosurgery hospital in Bangalore can be a great starting point. Next, patients might either be admitted to the hospital or treated as outpatients. In the latter case, patients are referred to referral consultations (special consultations) by their attending physician and directed by their attending physician to the referral consultations (specialist unit) or by day hospitalisation with previous treatment programming.


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