Whats Bigo Live?

 Let us have an insight into what is Bigo Live. It is an online live streaming application that encourages users to improve their living and communication/interaction and showcase their talent in globally perceived live sessions. This platform approximately approaches 40 million people, according to recent reports in more than 50 countries, with an estimated user amount reaching 2.31 monthly. This app is particularly very popular among the South East Asian countries, e.g., Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and more. It was ranked as the 5th popular app in the world in the year 2019.

It was launched by a Singapore-based company named Bigo Technology in the year 2016. The company was owned previously by David Lee and Jason Hu. From 2019 onwards, the possession of it is in the hands of a Chinese internet company Joyy.

On this app, the users can broadcast videos meant to spread their world around the globe. Videos are an effective medium for delivering your message, and interpretation also becomes easy as it engages viewers more than mere static images. It makes things simplified to the customers deride of perceiving complicated things. In the previous era was modernization was nowhere to be seen.

Videos were just a collation of images that were later on transformed into electric impulses, and then the only step left was to save them, which was done on magnetic tape. But in this state of affairs, video-making requires nothing more than a slight movement of hands with different gadgets serving the purpose. And because of the prevalence of video streaming, efforts were made to improve video quality, increasing the need for real-time live streaming. The only contrastable factor between video and live streaming is that video is a thing recorded in the past, and live sessions are conducted in a real-time frame.

Because of the immense popularity of live-streaming for proliferating business and marketing, many applications and platforms are initiated seeking the purpose. If you aspire to track down the right platform, then be certain that Bigo Live is the one providing you myriad benefits from live streaming to gaming and subsequently earning. In addition, the current pandemic has brought about health protocols that restrain individuals from gatherings, consequently increasing the demand for such live-streaming apps. The live streaming feature presiding over all sources of communication is an advantage to the Bigo Live app as it generates a sense of perseverance and allowing people to communicate effectively.

Users of BIGO LIVE may view or stream themselves while receiving live comments and discussions from the community. Users have the option of sharing their video posts on Facebook and Twitter. This app also has some limitations, the main being posting your live streaming link on your Facebook account if used for signing up. Also, while chatting, you have to take care to abstain from using foul language, abusing, nudity, etc. In such circumstances, you’ll be removed instantly within 24 hours. As the platform is accessible globally, anybody can see your live streaming, so be careful not to share any contact or address details or anything that you deem confidential. Also, there are no options for improving video quality. Although, there are multiple screen animations that streams might use as well as facial filters that make streaming appear better. It also has an option of audio streaming beneficial to people reluctant to reveal their identity.

Installation of Bigo Live:

 Now that you are aware of what is Bigo Live, let’s move to the process of installation:

  •  Android users can download the app directly from Google Play Store
  •  iOS users can visit the Apple app store for downloading it
  •  The link for installation is also provided on their website.

 Creating your account:

 When you are done with downloading the app, follow the steps to sign up:

  •  When you open the app, you’ll choose the sign-in option to use Google, email, or phone number. In case you choose the number, insert the right country code, and in case you choose the email option or Google account, you will be requested to provide your login information.
  •  Then, you need to fill in a form inquiring about your gender, place of residence, date of birth, and lastly, a photo.
  •  Now you are all set to use the app and know exactly what is Bigo Live.

 Safety concerns on Bigo Live

 The application ratings hit 12+ on the Google play store and 17+ on the iOS app store, making it visible that children should not be acceded to use the app without the consent and supervision of parents. BIGO LIVE does not ask users to give personal information such as their name, gender, age, or location and does not do age verification that is an indicator that this app is not for the sake of children. In case any child uses the app, the parents should get their children acquainted with the threats the app may pose as it is globally accessible with a massive number of users.

 Children may have to face cyberbullying and exploitation. During live streaming, users can also give remarks, which could be unpleasant or vulgar. Teens who grapple with public acceptance may be hampered by user comments or use the site to nourish their egos, neither of which is a very constructive element of the network. Users may search for local members and disclose personal information, which is concerning if children are attempting to use the platform, especially because streaming recordings are supposed to be of the account holder.

 The activities of the children, therefore, should be strictly monitored by the parents, whether it be conventional or through different third-party applications. Parents who want to persuade their kids to stop obsessively monitoring their social media statuses could make them abandon the BIGO LIVE app in favor of more beneficial outlets for creativity. Adolescent and younger teenagers may be offended by the content on the BIGO LIVE app since many live streams feature vulgar language, violence, and nudity. Parents should discuss the platform’s benefits and drawbacks with their children to choose the appropriate outlet for them. BIGO LIVE is an app that parents should keep a careful eye on (and establish spending limits for), if not completely avoid.

 Bigo Live app itself has taken the necessary steps to ensure the safety of the personnel, not even recommending it to people under the age of 18. The community guidelines are visible to each and every user, which forbids a number of instincts, including smoking, gambling, demonstration or use of weapons, imitation of terrorists, pretense, violation of customs laws, use of pirated content, etc. Secondly, the application employs Artificial intelligence technology to regale the balance of content. It helps in image, face, and voice recognition through impeccable core features. It points out all sorts of negative content implementing a ban in the shortest interval of 60sec. The efficient scrutiny team has the potential to uncover negative acts with an accuracy rate of 99%, promoting a safer and healthier environment.

 It also contains an option to report any user who posts or shows negative content and talks about things shattering your moral sense. The process is quite a simple one:

  •  The avatar of the user is present at the top left corner of the screen. Click on it first
  •  A window pops out depicting some options. Click on the report option.
  •  Then, you will choose how the specific person is breaching the community rules.

 The platforms also provide you with an option to send in your feedback, making it user-friendly.

 Some imminent features:

 Bigo Live facilitates the users through several features. Some of the immensely important features that are auxiliary to fulfill your aims are:


Users are allowed to stream their everyday experiences and content regarding their niche. Do anything you want that enables you to interact effectively with your audience. It is certainly the podium for you to broadcast your moments. In addition, you can watch millions of live streams and videos, from dancing to singing to cooking to infinity.

 Multi Guests Rooms:

In addition to video calls and chats, there is a distinct feature that allows you to interact with several people at a time. You can get to schedule meetings or friends chatting in groups.

 Player Knockout Battles: 

The BIGO LIVE platform has some similarities with a game app, with players, allocated levels, and ranks. For daily check-ins and watching other users’ videos, and exchanging presents in the form of service money, users get additional experience, or XP, points. The Player knockout battle is a real-time battle between two or more individuals, as the app also allows a multi-player knockout battle. It is judged by the viewers of the battle. The streamer who gains the most number of diamonds is acknowledged as a winner. The battle can take place either between friends or strangers, depending on your choice. The confronting streams are then joined, and both are simultaneously discerned by the audience. It can be a battle concerning singing, physical exertion, and athletics, impressions, etc. The individual losing the game is susceptible to audience-oriented punishments.

Real-time Calling and Chat:

Bigo Live app enables you to connect through video calls and real-time chat with whomsoever you wish. Just click the round icon in the bottom center, redirecting you to go live. Then you’ll be able to see the avatars of those live at the moment. Click on “connect,” and you are good to go.

 How can Bigo Live help facilitate business?

 This app, with all its extensive benefits, also serves the business community. People use this platform to sell their products. Because of its global outreach, you are likely to attract a large number of consumers and clients. Make videos showing your products and for more engagement, try them for the customers, so they are convinced to buy them. Apply prices on them, and if some customer shows interest, gather the address details and methods of transaction. This can be beneficial for the people with scarce resources to expand their business.

 On the other hand, it allows people to earn considerable amounts of money. The underprivileged people seeking to earn money can easily benefit from this app. They can either work as a host or a recruiter.

 1.   HOST

 A host is a person who works for Bigo Live or a recruiter as a part of some contract. The host is responsible for creating videos and broadcasting content aspiring to reach a particular monthly target. Then he gets paid depending on the number of followers and hours spent on broadcasting.

 The host should take care of a number of factors to earn decently:

  1.  The content should be interesting and attractive. Show off any skills or talent likely to attract broader audiences, which is directly proportional to popularity, consequently making you earn a handsome amount of money.
  2.  Virtual gifts are a good innovation in the app. When you are successful in accomplishing a sufficient amount of followers or viewers, they will send you virtual gifts in the form of “beans, “which can further be enchased for cash.
  3.  Work on creating content that is not recurring and repetitive. Distinctive content is prone to get a lot of views. Imitating stars and creating absurd content will always turn out to be vain.
  4.  Try to create as much content as possible. That will make you stand out among the viewers. Analyze your abilities and weaknesses and use them as a tool to create the best.
  5.  Another way to attain visibility is to collaborate with people of influence and sponsors. You can also ask for shout-outs that will be extremely beneficial.



 A recruiter is a person who employs the host under a contract. They should be highly cognizant of the app usage, the terms & conditions, and other entities. The responsibility of choosing the right host lies entirely on the recruiter, taking into view all the abilities and shortcomings of the individual.

 He manages events for the host that are believed to be a source of attaining more money and fame. All the queries of the host are to be addressed by the recruiter. The salary of the host is 10% of the recruiter’s earnings.

 To become a recruiter, three parameters are to be fulfilled:

 1. They ought to complete their designated monthly targets

 2. The recruiter is entitled to introduce new and active hosts, a minimum amount of five for the first time.

 3. He should generate a business amount of a minimum of 0.5 million to stay on probation in the coming month.

 4. He should bring in 3 hosts every month. To receive his salary, five hosts ought to be active and working simultaneously.

 A recruiter will also receive badges and standards depending on their work comprising S, SS, and SSS levels.

 The app, at the initial stages of development, faced an issue in saturated markets. It couldn’t reach sufficient audiences, and a few were aware of Bigo Live. Thus, to quickly proliferate the marketing capacity, it collaborated with Facebook to eradicate this problem. The new resolution brought about changes in the costs of installation through a series of advertisements and targets. It also introduced custom-built users, deeming it as a strategy to lure more audiences. The company went through a journey from a conventional sale to a frequency prototype. The advertisements were meant to reach the audiences within an optimized and controlled way, thus straddling the company forward in the digital market.

 Bigo app’s contemporary business archetypal depends on user payments as its primary source of revenue. The platform intends to enlarge its income sources by introducing more games and e-commerce in the coming time.

 Advantages of using the app for business:

 • Quick entry into the market for a head start on dividends

 • Follow the user-centered instinct for a healthier familiarity

 • To truly address user-customized a localized operational model is required

 • Profitability is high, and growth prospects are promising

 Disadvantages of using the app for business:

 • The content is not adequately delimited, and it has been blocked due to issues concerning content.

 • Due to a lack of expertise with live e-commerce broadcasting, important elements need improvement.

 • The market is primarily centered in South-East Asia, with Europe and the United States, as well as other reasons being relatively weak.

 What kind of people are more likely to get benefited from the app?

 • Sellers aiming for a male and young demographic

 • South-East Asia is the key market for branded sellers

 • Sellers with a meager fan base aspiring to build a more devoted following.

Hopefully, now you know what is bigo live. It is another way of getting your products recognized in the global market, brands can work with influencers. This way, they can get the influencers to promote their brand in an authentic and validated way, impacting the audiences. And sellers should manage partners and automate partner recruitment, enhance ROI and work with different people throughout the partner lifecycle to have the best experience and to gain good profit.


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