In today’s fast-paced digital world, most people wish to showcase their creative talent and make a sustainable career out of it. For instance, photo editors tweak the visual elements of a photo and showcase it on numerous social media platforms to gain traction and attract clients. Similarly, painters and artists create authentic pieces of art and showcase them online to attract potential enthusiasts who have a knack for art. Even though gaining online traction is not a very complex task, it is quite tough to maintain authenticity and protect digital assets online. If any digital asset is not protected, it may lead to misuse, the brand’s depreciation, and other legal issues. Hence, creative individuals should ensure that their original content remains safe and protected. One of the most popular ways of doing so is using a watermark.

According to Dropbox, a watermark is a logo, design, or pattern that original content owners superimpose on their digital product, such as an image, video, document, etc. The overlay is generally placed over a digital asset that is monochromatic or transparent so that viewers do not face any issues while looking at or inspecting the asset closely. This article will shed light on how users of both macOS and Windows can easily add watermarks on any photo and the importance of adding watermarks on any digital or visual product. So let us dive right into it:

How to Add a Watermark on any Photo on macOS and Windows:

Both macOS and Windows offer users numerous ways to add a watermark to any photo without hassle. Let us take a detailed look:

macOS – If you are a macOS user and are wondering how to add watermark to photos, one of the most effective ways to do so is by using PhotoBulk. PhotoBulk is a powerful third-party macOS-compatible image editor that offers users numerous editing and tweaking tools. To add a watermark using PhotoBulk, install the application and open it, select the photo on which you want to add an overlay, check the box beside the “Watermark” option, choose what you wish to add as a watermark, and adjust its position by dragging it and click on on the “Start: option to add the watermark. Once the watermark is added, you can conveniently save the new image by clicking on the “Save” option. You can use the application to add watermarks to multiple photos at once. Besides this, you can also use macOS native Preview tool to add a watermark to any photo. Another useful tool that allows users to add watermarks to photos is Adobe Photoshop.

Windows – Like macOS, Windows also offers users numerous ways to add watermarks to photos. Adobe Photoshop is a great third-party utility using which users can add watermarks on any photo they want. Besides this, the native Paint application featured on every version of the Windows OS also facilitates users to watermark photos. Besides this, you can also add a watermark on any photo using MS Office’s PowerPoint application.

Why is Adding Watermarks Important?

There are numerous reasons why every individual who creates organic and original content should add watermarks to their digital creations. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • It Prevents the Creation from Being Stolen or Misused

Only those who create content know how much time, effort, and work goes into creating an original piece of content. However, it takes less than a minute to steal content and deem it as one’s own. Therefore, to ensure that visual files and digital assets remain safe from theft and plagiarism, creators should consider adding watermarks to their digital content. Besides protecting the integrity of the content, adding a watermark also offers owners the power to be the only person who can alter or make changes to the product.

  • It Enhances the Brand’s Recognition and Consistency

Besides protecting the visual file from theft or unauthorized use, watermarking also facilitates owners to enhance their brand’s face value and recognition. Moreover, they prevent the product from getting misused by other individuals or organizations. Watermarks also act as an official logo of the brand, and thus, whenever anyone sees the logo, they would instantly associate the product with the creator’s or their company’s name.

  • It Facilitates Creators to Get an Increased ROI

Any creator who creates original content wishes to make it as profitable as possible so that when they sell it to another company or individual, they earn the maximum amount of money possible. Watermarking enhances the return on investments or ROI of products by ensuring that the visual file stays protected from harm. Moreover, it also ensures that the product remains ready to use whenever required. Furthermore, watermarking also facilitates the owner of the product to distribute it safely and update or repurpose it.

If you are a creator who wishes to create exceptional pieces of content, you should seriously consider watermarking every one of your creations to ensure it stays safe and secure from theft or misuse.



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