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A new round of Israel- Palestine clashes escalated as rockets were launched from Gaza to Jerusalem and Israel counterattacked with airstrikes at the Gaza strip.

According to Gaza’s Palestinian Health ministry, 20 people had died in this air attack including 9 children so far and Israel claimed to kill three Hamas militants in their attempts, unconfirmed sources told.

The rockets fired from Palestinian militants destroyed the Israeli parliament and the whole region trembled with sirens and ballistic missiles.

Colonel Jonathan, an Israeli lieutenant confirmed that 45 rockets were fired from Gaza out of which 6 targeted Jerusalem edge. Israeli parliament got hit but still, there are no casualties reported.

These rocket fires were the announcement of another clash soon to be started and an ultimatum given by Hamas- Palestinian militants, to Israel for standing down its forces from blessed mosque Al-Aqsa.

The Israeli military representative said, “Now we have started to strike at Gaza’s military points.”

And, according to Hamas sources, one of their commanders of Al-Qassam brigades, Abdullah Fayyad died in this tension.

The Israeli Prime Minister announced that Israel will react with full power as Palestinian militants overstepped their lines and referred to these militants as terrorists outspokenly.

“Ease the tension” is the demand from the world community coming through all social sites as the clashes are being fueled with every passing day.

What has happened so far?

The confrontations between Israel and Palestine are an unending story. The recent clashes started outside Al-Aqsa mosque on Monday when more than 300 Palestine became wounded Israeli forces swamped the mosque.

Route to these confrontations was laid a month ago when Israelis made a move to block Palestinian Muslims’ activities during the month of Ramadan- a heightened time of religious activities.

After the matter settled and clashes were grounded, the planning to forcefully evict a large number of Palestinian Muslims from the neighborhood of Jerusalem -Sheikh Al-Jarrah, by Jewish settlers added further fuel to fire.

These tensions worsened with the Israeli nationalist plan to march for celebrating Jerusalem Day- a success of Israel to invade Jerusalem in 1967, in Temple mount on Monday. In the meantime, Muslims already possessed the site to offer their prayers in this Holy month of Ramadan.

According to one of the march organizers, Yaakov Novik, it was the first time in history that government officials stopped them from marching and entering through the Damascus Gate, a point to enter Palestinian gatherings and they canceled it accordingly.

The site is a holy place for both the Jews and Muslims as it was the location of Biblical temples for Judaism- Jewish community and Muslims referred to it as Al-Aqsa mosque- a Noble Sanctuary.

According to Israeli forces, more than thousands of Palestinians confined themselves inside the mosque all night with Hamas flags and stones just to confront Jerusalem Day, a provocation regarded by them.

Officers were ordered to enter the compound forcefully by using violent tactics with stun grenades, tear gas, water cannons, and rubber bullets on Monday morning to calm the situation. Palestinians attacked back with what they had in retaliation.

305 Palestinians got injured out of which the condition of 7 is critical, as well as 21 members of Israeli forces have been wounded in the clashes and 3 were rushed to the hospital right away, The Palestinian Red Crescent reported.

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu commented “There is a battle between lawless violence and order for tolerance and intolerance,” as a defense.

All the international community including the Palestinian president condemned this Israeli violation and escalation at mosque Al-Aqsa with calls for calm.

Why Jerusalem is always on edge?

Jerusalem- a coexistence of three religions has the most conflicting history in all the times as it is equally held holiest by Muslims, Jews as well as Christians.

Muslims praise this place because of mosque Al-Aqsa, Islam’s third holiest site, and refer to it as Noble Sanctuary. Whereas, Jews consider the city sacred because it possessed the Temple Mount, a hilltop where their Biblical temples stood along with Western Wall.

Apart from this, the city has some political importance too backed by religion. Israel invaded East Jerusalem along with Gaza and West Bank during the Arab-Israel war of 1967 and declared the old city as its unified capital, still unaccepted globally.

On the other hand, Palestinians see these states as a hope for their future internationally accepted state. These factors have made East Jerusalem the thorniest and conflicting region of recent times.

With these odds, the Israeli court delayed the case of evicting Palestinians from East Jerusalem by Jewish residents and the Palestinian President; Muhammed Abbas called off elections because of no voting right given to Muslim people of Eastern Jerusalem.

So, Jordan, which is the former ruler of the Old City, each one’s allies and the international community have to be pragmatic to ease these tensions between Israel and Palestine as only condemning the violence will not help tension come to halt.


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