Using the Internet is a typical part of most individuals’ daily routines. From work to personal reasons, there is a need for reliable and fast unlimited Internet. Because there are many different service providers that vary by area and an array of speeds, knowing how to get the best Internet for specific needs will allow for better data processing and a more stable connection. There is nothing worse than needing a great home Internet plan and only receiving mediocre services. These tips will ensure the connection is ready for any task necessary.

  1. Relocate Router

Having a router plugged into the wall is what allows the Wi-Fi to flow throughout the home. This base is the point of connection for any device that requires the Internet. Where the router is stationed can make a big difference in the speed and quality of any Internet plan. If possible, relocating it will help all devices connect more efficiently. It is recommended the router be placed in a central location such as the living room or office space. Being in the centre of the home to act as a hub will better distribute the highest speeds for all devices that connect to it.

  1. Secure the Connection

Whenever a Wi-Fi service is set up, there is the option to create a password to protect the connection. This is always recommended for any home Internet plan because it keeps the speed of the unlimited internet stable. Whenever other people or devices can connect without a password, this not only slows down the Internet but can also expose the network to chances of being hacked or intercepted. Even if the router is located inside of a home, it can still be accessed by anyone within the range of the router, including those passing by.

  1. Get an Extender

There are several different options to acquire a faster Internet speed without changing the Wi-Fi plan. This is possible with the help of a Wi-Fi extender, an additional device that simply plugs into the wall and helps to boost the existing connection. Once logged onto the network, the extender will typically choose the devices that need boosting automatically. This is a very easy and affordable tip that can help tremendously.

  1. Opt for an Ethernet Cable

Just because wireless Internet is the most popular type these days, it is not the only option. There are ways to establish a much stronger signal without actually changing anything about the plan or service provider. If wiring is a non-issue, using an ethernet cable can help to boost the connection. This means a device can be plugged directly into the router per the cable. It will prove to be a better connection by eliminating risks of service disruptions and creating a stable link between the device and the router itself.

  1. Perform Tests

Most Internet service providers offer apps that allow for Wi-Fi testing. This means the speed and quality of the Internet are tested throughout the entire house, and, through the results, it is easy to see the weak spots. This can indicate the router should be in a different position or possibly even suggest a Wi-Fi extender is necessary. Performing tests regularly can highlight issues with the Internet that will allow for solutions that make it work better.

Given all of these simple solutions, it is not difficult to obtain the best Internet regardless of the service provider or plan. Before giving up on the current Internet, it is worthwhile to attempt some or all of these to achieve the goal of having faster and more reliable Internet.


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