Many companies consider changing from paper to mobile form apps. There are a number of benefits to making the change, such as reduced costs and greater productivity. When your business uses mobile forms in the field, it saves time and allows information sharing. Take a look at the top eight features of a mobile form app.

  1. You Can Repeat Operations

One of the best features of mobile form apps is that you get repeatable sections. This allows you to streamline your operations. You can pre-fill some data and enter it by dragging and dropping. You won’t need to duplicate responses, which makes it much quicker and simpler to fill out the forms.

  1. You Can Use Them Offline

Another feature that is useful for many people is that a mobile form app has offline availability. This means that your field workers can use the forms no matter where they are, even if they don’t have a network connection. They can complete the form and then upload it once they have a connection. This means that they will never have to delay getting the forms signed or filled out.

  1. You Can Upload Images and Files From Your Phone

People also love using mobile forms because they can include live pictures with any forms they submit. For example, if you are in the field assessing damage, you can take a picture to accompany the report. You can also upload files to update any jobs you have, and everything stays connected in one location.

  1. You Can Get Signatures on the Go

When you use mobile form apps, you can get signatures on the go. If you go out to give an estimate to a client, you can produce the contract and get their signature right away. It saves time because you don’t need to worry about taking a paper form back to the office. You also save money because it streamlines the entire process. Fewer people are involved, and you don’t need to waste money on paper.

  1. You Can Capture Coordinates With Geolocation

When you use mobile form apps, you will be able to capture the coordinates of the location. Some job sites don’t have a physical address, or you may be meeting a client in public. Rather than entering an address, you can use the geolocation to enter the location. You can also autofill different fields, even with an address, so you won’t have to type in the entire address. This saves time and is convenient and accurate.

  1. Your Phone Becomes a Workstation

Another feature that makes mobile form apps desirable is that you can use your smartphone as a workstation. You can use these forms on any mobile device. It is easy to collect data, generate leads, add contacts, and more. When you go to a client’s location, you can work out the estimate on your mobile device. If they are satisfied, they can sign it, and you will automatically have a record stored. This means that you can start the job sooner, and customers appreciate the convenience and simplicity.

  1. You Can Scan Documents

You can also use the camera on your mobile device to scan any documents. You may need to scan business cards or other information about the job, and it is simple. You can save the business card information to your database, and then you can prefill any lines on the forms.

  1. You Can Use Autocalculations

Mobile form apps often have calculating features that help you calculate the hours on the job or any expenses. They can also calculate money that you take in and spend, which helps you to improve accuracy and efficiency in your operations.


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