High employee morale has a direct correlation to high employee productivity and retention levels, which is something every company strives to improve. If you’re not convinced that keeping morale high will be a huge benefit, here are seven reasons to care about employee morale, and below are three tips for keeping employee morale high in the office!


A workplace that leaves much to be desired will usually have a negative impact on employee morale. Think about the difference between heading into an office that is clean, welcoming, and functional versus going into a space that is dull, outdated, and overall lackluster. Which would be more pleasant to work and perform in? Most importantly, make sure the office is clean and safe. Depending on the type of office, consider having a professional cleaning crew come in regularly to ensure the proper level of cleanliness is maintained. The office should be welcoming with sunlight or an ample amount of soft lighting, plants, proper supplies, and even some relevant artwork to spruce up any blank walls. A fresh coat of paint and refurbished or updated furniture is a quick and affordable way to freshen up the look of an outdated or dull office, which will be more pleasing for employees to come into and will result in higher morale!


A high or regular level of interaction between leadership and employees and amongst employees themselves will create a more cohesive work environment and will boost morale. Consistent meetings should be scheduled between leadership and employees to ensure that they feel they are being listened to and to give time and opportunity for them to express any concerns or feedback that can be altered to curb any avoidable negativity in the workplace. Another great way to increase interaction amongst everyone in the office is to have employee outings and events! Depending on what the office budget allows, these can be scheduled outings somewhere, such as a local activity center or restaurant, or as simple as a group pizza party for lunch. Getting the office together to socialize a bit here and there will create more of a cohesive team environment that most will appreciate.


Allow your employees to give feedback regularly and keep an open line of communication throughout the office with updates and information. Creating ample communication options and opportunities within the office will make employees feel valued, heard, and always in the loop, which will help to keep morale high in the office. Share wins, share positive changes, and be as transparent as possible. By creating this constant buzz of communication, members of the office will feel like they are part of a team, similar to maintaining frequent overall interaction, and feeling like you are part of a team always boosts morale. Communicating different expectations of the role of employees and progress towards their goals will give them an added sense of responsibility and importance in the office. This open line of communication can also contribute to any issues being solved rather than festering, resulting in employees staying with the company longer and less of a turnover rate boosts morale and, again, the feeling and sense of a strong team.


To keep your employee’s morale high, you need to frequently recognize their contributions. Celebrate wins that are large and small. Give out employee awards like glass trophies more frequently than on just an annual basis. Recognition awards are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and costs and are very easy to personalize and integrate into your office culture. Having regular recognition on the table can increase employee motivation which will improve the office’s overall performance and lead to much higher morale. Contests and competitions that come with recognition can be a fun way to get employees more involved and excited on a daily basis, depending on the industry you are in. Read further on how a little recognition can provide a big morale boost.

Keep employee morale high in the office with a welcoming work environment, internal interaction, excellent communication, and regular recognition. Using these tips to increase employee morale will result in countless, long-term benefits from heightened productivity to employee retention!

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