The number of cups of coffee consumed across the globe is estimated at 3 billion every single day. Between now and 2022, sales from the ready-drink market will rise 67 percent, including sales from coffee shops. Small businesses have a great advantage over larger businesses due to their resilience in volatile markets, as well as the certainty of having ownership in your own business, is also a great advantage. You may want to consider opening an Indian coffee shop if you have a love of coffee and a sense of entrepreneurship.

Getting a Coffee Shop Off the Ground

For your shop to run smoothly, there are several items you’ll need. Founder of Ambition Bistro, Marc Renson, from Schenectady, NY, and Jradio owner Jack Wilson, who lives in Austin, Texas provide 13 tips for potential business owners to help them get started.

Develop a business plan for the cafe

Written plans are one of the most vital steps toward opening your own coffee shop. Your business plan should outline:

  • Who your business serves and what it does
  • Profitability of the project
  • Your target audience (primary demographics of your customers)
  • Those who compete with you
  • Revenue projections and sales forecasts
  • Achievements and goals

Plan your business well and keep it lean

It is best to create a one-page pitch prior to diving into the details of a conventional, comprehensive business plan.

Your idea will be validated quickly, you’ll find out exactly who your target audience is, understand the optimal approach and get a clear sense of how you’re going to separate yourself from the competition. Do you intend to serve pour-over coffee exclusively? Which kinds of beans and grinders will you use? Do you plan to bake any goodies for your menu?

Creating a one-page Lean Plan, similar to an executive summary, can speed up and optimize your business plans.

Check out these free sample coffee shop plans

Would you like some assistance getting started? We have business plan templates that can assist. They’re free real-life examples you can use to get ideas and can be downloaded and edited with Microsoft Word. We have business plan templates — sample business plans — to suit the needs of just about any coffee shop.

Read about The Daily Perc’s coffee and liquid refreshments options for daily commuters, captive consumers, and others via drive-thru and mobile coffee stands. Dark Roast Java’s Mediterranean art glass decor appealed to a wide range of customers in this sample business plan.

As a forward-looking business plan at the time, the JavaNet Internet Cafe was far afar surpassed, and most coffee houses today follow some form of this plan.

Find the best place to set up shop

Your coffee shop needs to be in the right place to be successful. Ideally, you’d like it to meet the following requirements:

  • Easy access and centrally located
  • High pedestrian traffic and high visibility
  • Creating an environment that works for you

A search for this perfect place, warns Jack Wilson, will be difficult.

Having scouted each location, his team counted pedestrians on foot in the streets of several cities. As the space was formerly a restaurant, he did not need to transform it from the ground up. . When he dropped his keys one day, he spotted a one-line “for sale” sign in the former tavern The spot had been waiting for him for months.

The challenge of finding an effective restaurant space is high. There may be a delay in finding the perfect location since it requires casual foot traffic and easy access, but doing so is worth the wait.

Design the layout of the room

Café floor plans should be welcoming and well-designed. In addition to providing comfortable seating, you need to ensure that customers can form lines, that employees have access to resources, and that employees have ample space to stand. To produce a great floor plan, you will need some time, just like when you find a good location.

Wilson says you should run all possibilities through your head. When making coffee, how near should you have things? What are your seating needs if you are a customer? Make a list of everything you can think of and start visualizing.”

Make sure you have an accountant

As far as advice goes, Wilson says one of the best things a new owner can do is turn over their books to an accountant. The benefit of hiring a numbers expert goes beyond taking time away from your business.

Wilson says that if you’re kinder to yourself than you should be, you’ll be less likely to fail. A person who is not an accountant is more likely to make assumptions.”

A consultant for small businesses is actually your accountant. You need people who believe in your business and can help you reach your goals. It is also possible to look into online accounting services like QuickBooks if you are not able to hire an accountant immediately. It is easy to gain insight into your business’s finances by using online accounting software. It also integrates directly with LivePlan planning software, so you can compare forecasts with actuals at any given moment.


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