Teambuilding events are supposed to help employees build rapport among themselves. They are essential to create and support a collaborative office environment. Unfortunately, people often make the mistake of forgetting the main ingredient that team building events need to be organically successful, which is fun!

Always Design Inclusive Activities for Such Events

The idea behind hosting any teambuilder event is to simulate a competitive, fun, and collaborative environment for all participants in a way that they become genuinely interested in learning how to work as a team. To successfully do that, sport can be a highly effective medium, but we cannot use a mainstream sport such as football or baseball.

Team sport at an office event is all about fostering collaboration, inclusion, and healthy competition but popular sports are limited in their ability to achieve all that. Traditional, mainstream sport has a much steeper criterion for successful participation. Since you are trying to create a team of employees who are technically already on the team, it’s best to avoid any chances of recreating unpleasant high school scenarios for any of them again!

Design activities that do not isolate some of your less athletic employees. Focus on the primary goal of teambuilding and design activities that allow everyone to collaborate and compete without being concerned about their fitness, skill, or even gender.

Cornhole: An Accessible and Competitive Sport

So, now that we know that the activities must be inclusive, and games work best, what are the options? If it’s an outdoor event, then cornhole would be just perfect. Because we are trying to encourage teamwork here, Anyone For Two would be the best suited version of cornhole for office events. This version pits teams of two against each other in a fun game of aim, control, teamwork, skill, and accuracy.

In case you are not familiar with the game or its rules, pay a visit to Cornhole Worldwide at You will get to know the game and its rules, and you can even order custom cornhole board sets with your company’s own personalized logo on them.

Scavenger Hunts Do Work

We all have an innate love for hidden treasure, clues, and riddles in us, and scavenger hunts tug on those heartstrings in a satisfying manner. Now, there are just two core elements that must be brought into play while designing the hunt.

  1. Interesting puzzles that require teamwork.
  2. Rewarding experiences.

If these two elements are there in your scavenger hunt, your employees will enjoy them. Moreover, when people solve problems together, it creates that positive sense of kinship which promotes cooperation later while solving real life work environments.

Everyone Should Participate

As a general rule, it is expected that all executives attending the event will also participate in at least some of the arranged activities. Collaboration and communication must be established between the management and the workers also. It’s also a good opportunity for executive leaders to identify important personality traits in their team members such as natural leadership skills, problem solving, cohesiveness, etc.


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