If you are pondering the thought of having a relaxing swim in your backyard, you must consider a few factors before giving any more thought and action to that plan. Having a swimming pool at your home will enhance its resale value.

The average highest temperature throughout the year in Scottsdale reaches around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the hot weather, people living in Scottsdale prefer to have a pool in their residence. Hence, the homes for sale in Scottsdale with a pool are being sold very quickly as residents are showing interest in them.

The weather conditions of Scottsdale are one of the convincing reasons people look for homes with a pool in Scottsdale.

The following are a few crucial reasons why investing in a pool house in Scottsdale is a great decision:

●       Location

The location of your home greatly determines if adding a pool to your home would be the best option or not. For a person living in locations where the weather is bitterly cold and frosty for most of the year, adding a swimming pool might not be the ideal thing to do. In this case, the pool will be out of use for most of the year, thus greatly diminishing the house value and return of investment in that location. But, for a person living in Scottsdale with scorching heat for half of the year, purchasing a home with a pool can be considered a top priority.

On the one hand, a person can have moments of enjoyment and relaxation for themselves with that pool; on the other hand, the pool can act as a substantial asset when reselling the house. Having a pool in areas like Scottdale increases the investment rate and house value up to 25% over time.

●       Neighborhood

If you are looking for homes for sale in Scottsdale with pool, you must consider the surrounding neighborhood of that area. Do the other houses in the surrounding area have a swimming pool? If yes, you are dealing with a cut-throat competition here, and the chances are you’ll end up having to spend a lot more than you had planned.

Looking for an inbuilt pool in such a neighborhood breeds the possibility of dealing with higher property values. Still, on the other hand, in Scottsdale homes where swimming pools are rarely seen, the property values are not as high and yield a better pocket-friendly option. On average, a home with an integrated pool system in Scottsdale increases the home value by 7% – 8% in a year. Depending on the surrounding area of the house, the statistics may vary.

●       Adds Value To The Home

A well-maintained pool with exquisite design that is properly and meticulously cleaned immensely increases the house value. In contrast, an unkempt and overlooked pool that hasn’t been cleaned for the longest of time only makes way for disappointment in the eyes of customers. A swimming pool that appeals to the eyes of the customer with its furnished flooring, high-quality material, and aesthetic surroundings tends to have a great return on investment.


A home with a pool system in Scottsdale has a high potential of adding value to a house and yielding a sound return on investment. It provides the buyer with a soothing experience and becomes an asset for the future.

All in all, investing in a house with a pool in Scottsdale is the ideal decision a person can opt for. A home with a pool is a basic requirement in Scottsdale, owing to the area’s intense heat.


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