The teenage years can differ immensely depending on your teen. There are some that rebel during this time while others tend to just go with the flow. Most of the tension during teenage years is a struggle for independence. Teens have the unfortunate situation of being told to act like an adult without being treated like one. Being a teenager can be a confusing time with hormones raging and trying to find a social circle simultaneously. The following are potential issues that you could encounter with your teen.

Mental Health Struggles

Signs of depression can be hidden for years by people of all ages. Seeking professional help is important as a teen could be worried or embarrassed to talk with their parents about certain topics. Mental health struggles could lead to substance abuse to numb emotions. Alcohol is notorious for numbing a person temporarily only to see that individual’s anxiety increase the next day. Teen depression symptoms can be accentuated due to the wild fluctuation of hormones during these years.

Talking with your teen regularly is very important even if the last thing they want to do is talk to their parent. A changing body can be uncomfortable to talk about but it is something you can normalize as a parent. There might be an embarrassment on both ends that you can acknowledge as some important conversations are tough to have.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse can be used to numb or simply started with experimenting. Addiction can be a very confusing thing to a teen. A person can fall into an addiction far more quickly than most people realize. Addiction is not something that resolves itself and tends to worsen over the course of time. Noticing signs of addiction early can be very important as a parent as addiction can lead to a plethora of problems including legal issues.

Suspicious Friends

There is always going to be a friend or a group of friends that you do not approve of for your teen. Looks can be very deceiving in these cases though so giving them the benefit of the doubt can be important. Banning your teen from seeing people could lead to them sneaking around to see a group of friends. Teens are different in any generation and clothes don’t define a person but rather their actions do.

Romantic partners that your teen has could be a concern that you have. Allowing teenage relationships to fizzle out is usually the best course of action. Forbidden love can lead to relationships lasting far longer when trying to prove that a couple is “meant” for one another.

Clashing About Driving Privileges

The thought of your teen driving could shake you to the core. The last thing anyone wants is your teen to injure themselves or another driver. Curfew is likely going to be a source of contention with a teen from time to time. There are usually driving curfews that teens have to adhere to. Getting pulled over too many times after curfew without proof of going to a job or school can lead to a license suspension. Driving should have rules as teens have a higher chance of being involved in a car accident due to a lack of experience. Your teen should know what to do in case of an accident to protect their health and themselves legally.

Having To Move For Any Reason

Moving can have a huge impact on your teen in a negative or positive fashion. Reinventing yourself as a teen can be an opportunity unless your teen had a close core of friends. Your teen should be consulted on the move as a job opportunity is not always worth moving your entire family. The same job could be around in a few yerars when your teen has left the home.


Divorce is going to have an impact on children regardless of their age. Living in a home that is constantly in tension is not something that you should put your teen through. The changes during this time need to be managed appropriately as your teen will be in a very fragile state. Divorce can be a time where a teen realizes how much happier they are when there parents are happy individually.

Issues with teens come with the territory of raising a human being transitioning to adulthood. Patience is going to be required as each generation comes with its own set of issues that might not be a big deal when they become parents.


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