Amazing Charts was developed in 2001 by a real family physician who understands the difficulties that professionals face every day. Amazing Charts has been an inexpensive solution for healthcare clinics since then, continuously ranking as a leading EHR for ease of use. Amazing Charts was obtained by Harris Healthcare in 2017 as the cornerstone of its medical group, which includes various ambulatory care services. Electronic health records, practice management, population health, and virtual care are just a few of the added options Amazing charts provide today to help your solo practice prosper. In this piece, are going to talk about the top products offered by EMR Amazing Charts. However, to know Amazing Charts pricing or Amazing charts reviews, schedule a demo.  

Amazing Charts Electronic Medical Records

EMR Amazing Charts was developed by a doctor who recognized the difficulties that solo practitioners encounter every day. As a result, its EHR is built to allow physicians to chart fast and with the fewest number of clicks possible, all while keeping costs down. Approximately 6,700 private health practices have chosen its services, covering primary care, pediatrics, surgery, cardiology, and a variety of other disciplines. The program supports AC EHR locally deployed or on the cloud to meet the demands of your solo practice.

Chart reports, lab tests, referral overviews, and previous encounter snippets are all accessible with a single click. There will be no more re-documentation of the same content! Amazing Charts also includes a powerful and built-in e-Prescribing system. NewCrop is a SureScripts Verified Service that powers this site. Amazing Charts templates are made to be simple to use while also reducing the chance that your notes will all look the same. Furthermore, charts are available and modifiable within any mailbox using the Amazing Charts intra-messaging platform by any users with authorized permissions. Many Amazing chart EHR reviews talk about how great the software is!

Practice Management Solutions

CareTracker Practice Management enables you to immediately uncover coding errors before claims submission, verify eligibility and claim history digitally, and swiftly detect outstanding claims. Furthermore, the Dashboard Front Office Command Center functions as a digital executive assistant, checking objects and alerting you via intelligent alerts only when medical files need your care, allowing you to focus on your clients.

You can guarantee that unpaid claims are addressed quickly and concerns are fixed before they are difficult by having easy access to them. Furthermore, evaluate claims before filing to increase income possibilities by lowering rejections. The software can give a lot of support and react fast to payer changes thanks to Amazing Charts Protected Connect Clearinghouse. Smart technology creates dynamic role-based dashboards that prioritize job lists throughout the entire office. Additionally, get a high-level overview of your institution’s finances and discover concerns that may be resolved to prevent reimbursement waits.

Medical Billing Solutions

Amazing Charts Medical Billing Services are completely interconnected with a Revenue Cycle Management solution that takes care of the billing headaches for you at a lower cost than most third-party invoices. Your clinic may see an improvement in receivables, a larger percentage of claims approved with the first filing, and a shorter time to payment from payers and clients. Comprehensive claim scrubbing ensures that clean claims are sent out the first time, and the program monitors payer success and enhancement prospects on a regular basis. Nothing is overlooked thanks to a thorough follow-up and appeals procedure. Client statements and phone follow-up are tailored to your specific requirements.

Easy to work with, the system is cloud-based and provides completely customizable real-time statistics that provide deep transparency into financial results and patterns. Available at all times of the day and night. The submission of digital and paper claims on a regular basis ensures that payments are made on time. Payer remittance and client payment filing, as well as EOB scans and transaction proof, are all available. Instant Messaging services with your billing supervisor, supported by a staff of billing professionals situated in the United States. Overall, the software offer up to a 20% increase in collections as well as 95% of claims are paid on 1st submission.


Drchrono partnered with 2 HIPAA-compliant and safe telehealth companies to better meet the requirements of your practice during the COVID-19 situation and beyond. The software wants to make sure you can keep serving people while also preventing COVID-19 from spreading. These telemedicine systems have the following functionalities:

  • Provide in-home client care from a distance.
  • Rapidly and simply start encrypted text discussions with clients.
  • With the push of a mouse, start telehealth virtual visits.
  • Keep track of discussions and recordings for invoicing and auditing purposes.

The two partner companies are DrFirst and Updox. DrFirst gives your clinic accessibility to strong solutions for interacting with clients electronically. Complete access costs $25 per month per physician and $5 per month for every support team member. Updox Telemedicine is simple and quick to use, with features like Webcam Chat and Two-way Encrypted Messaging. Each supplier pays $80 every month.

Population Health

To comprehend, connect, evaluate, and enhance your client population’s health care and clinical risk needs, you’ll need more than your EMR. Your EMR is wonderful for looking at a single client, but Population Health can look at your entire practice. Amazing Chart Population Health provides the capabilities you need to collect, analyze, and accomplish outcomes including better client care, lower client expenses, and improved practice efficiency. Client gaps can have a negative impact on your institution’s finances and overall care. You may save time, provide better client care, enhance the health of your client population, get quicker payments, and increase income by detecting gaps in client care.

Final Words!

Amazing Charts is an amazing medical software company. If you are planning on investing in Amazing Charts EHR, make sure you schedule a demo beforehand. Furthermore, we also suggest reading as many online reviews as possible. Lastly, one more suggestion that we have for you is to do thorough research before investing in the software. Hopefully, whatever decision you make is the best for you and your practice!


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