OCR technology, which is commonly known as optical character recognition, helps you identify text on an image and convert it to an editable format. In simple words, recognition and extraction of words from images is OCR. In the past, you could have only extracted text from an image by writing it down manually. This was both times taking and tiring for a person with not much writing experience. But today, you have online tools powered by OCR technology that can help you convert PDF files to Word or even images to text in a matter of seconds. In this article, we will list out some of the famous choices that you can try out.

Best Tools to convert PDF or image files to editable formats!

Here are some of the top-notch tools you should try using when converting PDF or image files to your desired format.

  • JPG to Word – Duplichecker

Now, this is a tool that is considered to be best for all kinds of users. You can easily change an image from jpg to Word online or even text format with the jpg to word converter. The tool is free and easy to use to convert jpg into word, so you don’t have to worry about formal learning. You have to open the tool on your browser, enter the image file as input and select the format in which you want to change your image. You can select from Word or text. After selecting the format, you can get your file transformed in two to three seconds. You can also convert PDF to Word if you take screenshots of your PDF files and use them as jpg input in this tool.

  • PDF to Word – SmallSEOTools

This is another free and reliable tool that you can use without any practice. This converter is specifically designed to convert PDF to word format, and so if you need to make PDF to word conversion, this should be your go-to tool. You have to enter your PDF files in the tool and hit the convert button. You would get a new word file in the same structure and format in less than ten seconds. You can use this free converter as many times as you want. It provides infinite conversions on all kinds of devices.

  • Online OCR

This is another online website tool that offers free optical character recognition services. You can use this tool to convert images to text and even PDF files to Word. This is one of the most excellent tools you can find online, just because of its accurate conversions. This is a free website tool, but you must know that you can only convert 15 files in one hour. The best thing about this image to word cum PDF converter tool is that it works in more than 50 different languages. Also, it can accept multiple kinds of image formats. There are many more features of online ocr which you would enjoy once you start using it.

  • Adobe Acrobat

Adobe acrobat is a very famous platform powered by the OCR technique. There are many uses of
Adobe Acrobat. One of the famous ones is to convert PDF files to Word or image files into searchable or editable docs (JPG to Word). This tool can be used online or get its application version on any device you want. You need to open your files with adobe, and you will find multiple options to convert their format. The best thing about adobe is that it protects the originality and quality of the original file in the conversion process.

  • Nanonets

This is another famous web service that uses the OCR technique to convert PDF and image files into editable formats. The tool allows you to enter more than fifty types of image files for conversion. Also, know that you don’t have to take a screenshot of the PDF file to convert it to Word or text; the tool can scan your files and collect all the extractable data in a few seconds. Nanonets are very easy to use, and even a layperson can use them without prior knowledge about this tool.

  • Image to Text – SearchEngineReports

This image-to-text converter is a very famous tool. This tool also uses OCR technology to convert jpg to Word or textual format. With this tool, you can easily convert images to text and other image files and PDF documents into a searchable format. To convert a PDF file, you simply need to take a
screenshot and save it into image format. The tool accepts almost all kinds of image formats and can easily change them to text or Word. This tool is free to use and offers infinite conversions without any registrations and formalities.

These are some of the best converter tools to help you change jpg to Word, PDF to Word, and all other image files to text!

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