The solution ceasefire to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict didn’t seem to work as Israel’s security forces re-attacked the Al-Aqsa compound on Friday.

With the help of Egypt, a ceasefire agreement came into effect between Hamas and Israel on Thursday (20th May) to end the 11 days of terror, bombing, and aggression.

So far since May 10th, 243 Palestinians including 66 children have lost their lives only in Gaza amid these tensions (UN sources).

With the announcement of the truce, both Israel and Hamas claimed victory, and thousands of Palestinians overwhelmingly celebrate the new beginning.

Hamas signed the treaty under 2 conditions including that the Zionist forces will never enter the Al-Aqsa compound again as they did earlier and there would be no forceful eviction of Palestinians from Sheikh Al-Jarrah by Israelis.

But on the very first day, the peace treaty came to halt with Israel’s attack on Palestinians while offering Friday prayers.

Though Israel has temporarily allowed organizations and humanitarian groups to help people in Gaza and provide them food, medicines, and fuel. But, the treaty doesn’t seem to be long-lasting as the fighting has been going on between Israel and Palestine for years.

Israeli-Palestinian conflict; a brief timeline

To know where the route of this tension lies is like finding a needle in the haystack as the Israel-Palestine conflict is a never-ending story.

Before this new ceasefire, several peace treaties were signed but all went in vain. Nothing could help in easing the tensions between Israel and Palestine as with every solution came a problem that further fired the fuel.

Regarding recent confrontations, the violence that occurred because of Israel-Palestine conflict followed a month of tensions in the city of Jerusalem in which for the first time in history, a large proportion of minors got affected.

According to Israel’s military forces, Hamas fired more than 4,300 rockets towards Israel and killed 12 people. But the figures of destruction are nothing in front of what the people of Gaza and Palestinians went through.

According to the United Nations, Israeli airstrikes “what they called self-defense” killed 243 Palestinians including 66 children and 35 women, and injured 1910 people out of which 540 were children. Apart from targeting people, due to Israel’s assault on Palestinians 1042 housing units were destroyed and 6 hospitals and 11 healthcare centers were smashed.

Some heart-wrenching facts disclosed by the Information Office of Gaza say Israel bombarded 5 Muslim cemeteries, destroyed 33 media outlet centers (both local and international), and also ruined 57 health centers and educational institutes overall until May 18.

Israel’s apartheid and ethnic cleansing not only caused devastating loss of innocent lives but also made the rest of the community alive to suffer from upcoming risks. These relentless bombardments destroyed everything in their way whether agricultural land or crops, media centers or national production bank, hospitals or schools, civilian buildings, or Hamas internal security headquarter.

Likewise, pretending to defend themselves, Israeli security forces didn’t care at all who were they targeting. With non-stop airstrikes and ground troops, Israeli forces and residents left no one behind and journalists, healthcare workers, NGO’s volunteers, humanitarian groups, even women and children became the victim of Israel’s continued blockade and intensified violence.

The videos and footage cleared the difference between defense and mass slaughtering to the ones who were supporting Israel- a nuclear power who preferred to defend it against the people who have just stones for resistance.

Isn’t it strange that a country with nuclear weapons would retaliate using the term “self-defense” just after receiving some harmless rockets? And people should ponder over in which context the word “self-defense” defines killing innocent children, bullying the women, or even attacking the old ones, ambulances, nursing staff, and journalists.

Israel-Palestine history; who owned the land first?

The ongoing confrontations and tensions between these two countries lead to the most crucial question who owned the land first, Israel or Palestine? And who first started the war to get control over?

The history of Palestine is an eventful past full of conflicts, uprisings, suppression, and wars. This historic record unfolds the relating history of Israel as well as the changes in Israel-Palestine map.

If we go through the historic record of Palestine and Israel, the past reveals that Palestine existed as a part of the Ottoman Empire even when the concept and name of Israel were not coined.

Till the early 1900s, the Palestinian country endured as a peaceful region where Muslims, Christians, and Jews co-existed with tranquility. Then there started the Zionist movement to create a Jewish state ideally in the area of Palestine and the Jewish community started to migrate there.

Jews arriving in Palestine from Germany

After the fall of the Ottoman Empire in WWI, Britishers got control over the Palestinian territory and supported the creation of Israel as a Jewish state in 1917. As Jews got British support, they grew their number of settlers in Palestine and this created the Arab-Jews clashes.

The holocaust of WWII gave a further opportunity to Jews to flee from persecution and took refuge in Palestine and with this move; the number of Jews in Palestine and tensions between Jews and Arabs grew more and more.

To ease the tensions, the UN came with a partition plan according to which the whole area of Palestine would be divided into 2 parts including Jewish-Israel and Arab-Palestine, and decided to make the disputed area of Jerusalem an international city to resolve the conflicts.

But UN’s partition plan blew air into the flames as Jews excitedly accepted it but the Arabs rejected it. Thus, the violence outgrows with every move.

Israel’s History; Creation and Catastrophe

Seeing the continued violence, Britain let the UN control the Palestinian country in 1948. As the Britishers left the territory, Israel declared independence as a liberal Jewish state- a goal of Zionists.

Many Palestinians opposed this declaration and the first deadly war started between Israel and Palestine in which several Arab troops were sent by neighboring countries to help Palestine but they were defeated in the end.

Israel remained victorious and got control over 78% of the Palestinian territory including West Jerusalem. After that ceasefire, Jordan occupied The West Bank and East Jerusalem and Egypt got hold of Gaza.

As a result of this, 700,000 Palestinians became refugees and were forcefully evicted from their homes. This event is known as Al-Nakba “The Catastrophe” in the history of Israel and Palestine.

Israel-Palestine map; today’s boundaries

Disappearing Palestine

In 1967, a 6-day war started between Palestine and Israel after which Israel fully occupied the Palestinian country.

The absence of a peace truce served benefits to Israel and Israelis started settling down in Gaza and West Bank. This Jewish measure led to the creation of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) intending to liberate Palestine by all means.

After years of clashes, PLO gave up and decided to accept the UN’s former partition plan but still, the tensions were increasing with the increase in the number of Jewish settlers in Israeli-occupied Palestine. All the international community called it illegal and demanded Israel to spread peace.

The frustration of Palestinians resulted in an uprising and Hamas- a militant group was born as out-turn. Again UN, PLO, and Israel did some efforts so that peace would prevail and signed the Oslo agreement.

But the agreement bought tensions along with it. According to this compliance, an area rich in agricultural land, minerals, and water was given under Israeli’s control and Palestinians were given limited access to that zone.

Again the negotiations proved unsuccessful and Palestinians started the second Intifada- “Uprising” to fight the imposed Israeli war.

In 2005, Israel withdrew from Gaza and Hamas gained power in it. Though the forced Jewish settlements has remained till today.  All the fuss is connected to the religious background that Jerusalem has retained.

The peace talks never helped in calming the situation down ever in the Israel- Palestine history and the clashes pick up the threads with every step taken.

Changing narratives of International Community in recent Israel- Gaza violence:

A change in perceptions of the people around the globe has been explicitly observed during this Israel-Gaza tension.

Despite the difference in religious beliefs, all the people put humanity first and condemned this mass-slaughtering and illegal occupation of Israel. Thousands of people in countries like New York, Turkey, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom staged pro-Palestinian protests on roads.

Ireland supported Palestine and announced to send aid of €1.5 million to Gaza. Moreover, Egypt decided to send food, medical and humanitarian aid of $500 million for constructing the damaged or destroyed areas in the Gaza strip.

Tamim Bin Hamad, the Emir of Qatar donated $50 million to Palestinian territory and expelled the Israeli ambassador from the country. USA representative, Alexandria Ocasio decided to introduce a bill in the US parliament for blocking the sale of weapons to Israel.

Additionally, Italy also contributed by not loading shipments to head to Israel. And the United Kingdom condemned Israel’s self-defense by shutting down its key site for the production of Israeli drones.

Besides the celebrities, football players, singers, rappers all supported the innocent lives of Palestine that have been struggling so far so long but did not give up against Israel’s oppression.

What the future holds?

As many peace treaties have been presented, signed, or agreed upon before to resolve this Israeli-Palestinian conflict, nothing has ever changed. Similar things have been said and done in past, but the outcome sows the seeds of the next conflict every single time.

The situation can never be sorted out until a final solution is implemented. Every round of violence cost Palestinians lives and disturbs the territory in all areas.

Any truce would only last if Israel stops its atrocities and aggression and give Palestinians their basic rights.

Seeing the ceasefire come to halt on the very first day due to the attack of Israel, Izzat-ul-Reshiq, a member of Hamas political bureau warned Israel that “Our fingers will keep ready to pull the triggers and the resistance will remain to continue to ramp up in case of any further aggression.”


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