What is SocialMeep?

SocialMeep is an AI-powered, automation platform that helps you develop your Instagram page naturally and efficiently. In today’s world, with around 1 billion users, Instagram is used for numerous purposes including business, brand awareness, live streaming, connecting with family, friends, and even with your favorite celebrities. It is also the sixth most visited social site and the 4th site with the most users.

Entrepreneurs can now effectively connect with customers and visualize their products and services in a better way. More than 60% of the site users claim that they primarily visit the platform in quest of amazing products. SocialMeep has introduced a guide on how to increase the number of Instagram followers. The guide is divided into two parts, one will make you familiar with the basics to nurture your progression drive, analytics concerning the app, terms, and conditions that apply, and finally the disadvantages of using automation techniques.

The other part, however, focuses on anthropoid Instagram growth, making you conscious of the steps you need to take to build your follower base. You will learn about the exceptional marketing topographies e.g., hashtags and geo-tags, use of cross-channel marketing, and methods to predominate the power of influencers.

What is the concept of Instagram automation and Bots?

Instagram automation or bots like SocialMeep basically refers to third-party software that is responsible for organizing your account and intermingling with users. Bots aid in social media marketing increasing the visibility of your posts among those showing slight interest. The task of analyzing your account is a difficult one. A lot of time is required in sorting out the number of people who viewed and liked your posts or finding out whether your account is responsive enough.

To deal with this problem several people switch to Instagram automation with the use of automation tools or bots. The bot points out accounts that are more susceptible to engagement with you. They can easily find and follow influencers in your niche by setting up your preferred parameters such as targeting hashtags and influencers. They employ algorithms concerning your targets so you gain new followers. Instagram bots can either be functioned by artificial intelligence or by human power.

In the past, the simplest automation idea, an individual would come up with was buying Instagram followers that make you appear in the Instagram explore section. But with Instagram’s latest updates, eradicating the chronological visibility order, all the fake followers are uncovered easily and removed. Every new post you create will be shown to the people who follow your account and to those showing interest in your content by either liking or commenting. But if you have contrived your followers they would not like and comment on your posts. Subsequently, your content will be deemed unworthy of even being shared with your followers. The lack of engagement will cause your posts to lose their existence, discouraging any future growth

 Some Handy tips for Instagram Automation:

Now that Instagram is meticulously spotting fake followers, here are some ideas to conduct your activity undetected:

1. Residential Proxies:

Proxies allow you to set up multiple accounts without disclosing your IP address without giving anyone reason to suspect you. This annihilates the fear that your accounts may be blocked or restricted. But the proxies should be brought after a whole lot of investigation. Try to opt for residential proxies which track user requests through authentic IP addresses. Due to the fact that requests arrive at Instagram via real devices linked at the home addresses, they are not considered spam.

2. Restrict the number of followers:

If your posts are liked by more than a specific amount of people, your account is likely to get blocked. An average person on Instagram should not attain more than 150 likes per hour on his post. In addition, at any hour you can’t have more than 60 comments.

3. Inactivity period:

The Instagram bots should be stopped from operating 24 hours a day because that would certainly contradict human behavior. Give your account, a minimum of 6-7 hours of inactivity.

4. Posting insufficient content:

If you have a huge following but you are not sharing enough photos and videos that is something that should not be done. It is basically a platform that encourages sharing of content. Also if your profile photo is missing from the account having numerous followers this can be suspicious.

5. Refrain from automating your messages and comments:

Never use DM and comments sections for the promotion of your services. Never automate the DM’s, this can be excruciating for your account

SocialMeep’s Role in automation:

This is the most high-rated bot used for the purpose of Instagram automation. To proliferate the customer base, SocialMeep employs the advanced power of machine learning and artificial intelligence. This platform is the first of its kind to harness artificial intelligence to develop your Instagram account. In contrast with other services, this application does not merely follow or post, instead they engage in distinct interactions such as views on stories, IGTV involvements, and an internally developed mix of organic behavior.

SocialMeep dives deep into getting familiar with the people following you making use of machine vision and algorithms. Here are a number of instructions that will help you use SocialMeep to the best of its capacity.

1.   Link your Instagram account:

The first thing you need to do sign in and connect to your Instagram account. A number of sites have an option of a free trial for a particular period of time but SocialMeep does not offer a free trial. Instead, a demonstration is given about your dashboard and progress prognosis depending on your niche. This dashboard will provide you with direct information about the performance of your account. The page will show you KPIs, in addition to the general performance analytics. The dashboard enables you to keep track of your account’s live activity, insights, and statistics in real-time as well as get updates on how it is going.

Once you sign up for their preplan you are able to manage your bot according to your will. It includes a basic plan for $49/month and a pro plan for $99/month. Both differ based on whether or not you want a speed limit. The application has an upgrade known as “SocialMeep” which assigns you a growth manager in order to monitor your account and conduct strategy meetings.

It also gives access to tools to test content ideas before posting. Other features like Autopilot and Cloud assist you in managing your account development. They provide high-level analytics even making you familiar with the origin of your followers.
The results are provided to you via email account if you are using the growth manager otherwise you need to go through the dashboard often.

2.   Experimentation:

SocialMeep assists both experienced and inexperienced marketers. They use all the tools which may be auxiliary to growth whether you have years of experience or just initiated an account. Analyze your growth statistics after specific intervals of time.

Some hacks to fasten the growth

Use of Hashtags

1. Community Hashtags

Hashtags encourage more engagement in your posts. An average post with a hashtag is likely to get 12.6% more interaction as compared with a post lacking hashtags. Even though Instagram has gone through much change but the importance of hashtags remained intact. They make your account susceptible to more audiences. Instagram hashtags, primarily organize and categorize photos and videos. In case you are a public account user, placing a hashtag on the post will make it up to the corresponding almanac which is a directory of any content uploaded with the particular hashtag.

The use of the right hashtags can allure a large number of audiences even if you are not familiar with them. If you are using a private account, using hashtags would be vain as they won’t appear on the hashtag directories. Also, spaces and special characters cannot be included in the hashtag. You are allowed to use only 30 hashtags under a post and 10 in a story

2. Branded Hashtags

A branded hashtag is the one exclusive to your business that can be the name of your company or product. It defines your brand identity irrespective of its name. Whilst community hashtags are intended to broaden your approach, branded hashtags focused on connecting themes for you and the targeted audience. They also advertise campaigns effectively acquiring user-generated content. Remind your customers to share your hashtag repeatedly in posts and stories. These are the prime factors that going to make you stand out amongst other entrepreneurs. This can also aid you in keeping an insight into what is posted and shared at the time.

3. Campaign Hashtags

These hashtags when compared to brand and community hashtags are short-lived, usually limited to a few days. The reason being their association with a particular project/campaign. As a result, they are ideal for generating a large amount of engagement in minimal time.
Instagram hashtags when used correctly can be highly beneficial for your account’s growth. Don’t think that making use of popular hashtags will help you attain a lot of likes and comments, instead, you should try to use hashtags that are restricted in the niche perspective and germane to your sphere of interest. The most effective way is to have an understanding of what is already used by your entrants and industrialists. Try to stick to a particular topic or niche and you are all set to go.

The right time to post

When you are once done determining what content do hashtags work best for, you are all set to begin conducting experiments with post time and frequency. The perfect time for posting primarily relies on your followers’ time zone and age group. If you have a business account, you can get an idea of the age of your followers and the time when engagement is at the crux. With the help of SocialMeep’s “best time to post feature” you can determine the right time to post.

Evaluation of content

After getting a considerable idea of Hashtag usage and the right time to post you are now going to work on improving your content. The content basically depends on your niche or business requirements but the best engaging content ought to show a person’s face. Further modification implies the use of videos. According to reports, a video is likely to attain twice as much attention. This makes you a visible figure among the competitors. It provides authenticity to the content and makes it even more interesting to see. Certain apps serving for the cause can also be used that allows you to post your content beforehand, at any time without even taking into consideration the right time to post.

Association with popular posts

Try tagging accounts, which are popular and famous, in your posts can be a helpful stance to grow your account. Correlating your account with posts that are prevalent among the audience is a tip for added coverage. Your post can be possibly discerned by any person who goes through the content you are linked with.

Carousel Posting

Besides the use of hashtags and location tags, there are a handful of Instagram tools concerned with marketing that allures high engagement. Among them is a vital tool that can be used for growth i.e. Carousel posting. This is responsible for adding profundity to your content when just photos are not enough to convey your thoughts. This allows you to add stories to your product that are meant to engage a considerable amount of audiences. The more time users spend on your posts, the more they will be made susceptible by Instagram. Carousel posting comprises annexing stories, demonstration of your products meticulously from all perspectives, depict the results of your services and share user- experiences. The carousel publishing is a relatively new feature introduced for the sole purpose of keeping the most of users on the platform. The people who know the art of using the right features at right time will be the ones favored.

Use of DM’s

DM’s can be employed in ways that may serve as an impetus for further growth. Try to send direct messages to those interested in your services, keeping in mind the Instagram limit of 50-100 DM’s per day.

Instagram ads

Anyone who desires to see the account flourishing should not be derelict enough to miss the option of sponsored advertisements. This is quite a splendid way of leading your strategic growth goals to the brink of success. Advertisements help create purchases, incite traffic, increase engagement, and a myriad number of other purposes. As advertisers, you are open to the choice of format for your ads. It can be a photo, video, or story that reaches the possible number of people who are in quest of what’s trending? Also, you can link your ads to websites that are loved by a majority of people.

Acquiring 100k followers on Instagram is now an easy catch with the help of automation tools and several other ideas penned above. SocialMeep being prestigious of all helps you get to any number of followers you aspire.

With its Al-powered automation quality, it renders safe functioning and with micro-organic interactions, they refrain from mass-following of accounts, spamming comments, and creating posts. Its Viral content library with a treasure of ideas will help you make your content perfect. It does not promise to achieve the desired number of followers in a day, instead, the growth is carried out in quite an organic manner.

In the process of using SocialMeep for hitting any number of followers, you should not be forgetful of establishing the finest possible business/product/service for the sake of your customer. Many products are launched after intermittent time intervals a few of which are meant to transform the status quo of business and marketing SocialMeep being one of them. Entrepreneurs and influencers are always looking ahead to get a leg up on the competition so in this context primarily it is exciting to have such a platform to fulfill the cause.

To make the fact clear that the site is legit, TrustPilot allocates a rating of 4.6 to it. Also, the application has been successful in getting positive reviews from renowned entities including Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and Entrepreneur. These reviews are visible on the platform’s website. Overall this is entirely an easy-to-use app with trusted safety protocols that include a 14-day money-back guarantee.

The site uses HTTPS that is authentication of its strict privacy policy protecting your confidential information e.g. phone numbers or email account. The app, aside from providing user testimonials to validate their wide range of features also allows you to freely choose your desired ways of growth.

The benefits of this app are tremendous and never-ending including free demonstrations, organic growth, an expert team that will help you optimize and organize your account, safety, analytics, and a money-back guarantee. The only disadvantage of using it is that it does not support mobile phones.

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