There are so many reasons why hosting a night out for your potential clients or investors is a great business move. For one, it lets you and your potential business partners get to know each other on a personal level. While liking the people you work with isn’t the be-all-and-end-all, it can go a long way towards improving both of your futures.

Planning a night out could also be a great way to show a proof of concept. If you operate an entertainment business and want new funding streams, then showing the investors what type of service you offer first-hand can be better than any pitch.

In most situations planning a night out simply puts everyone in a more comfortable environment where you can then talk business. Regardless of which suits you, use these tips to help you plan an exciting night out.

Types of Nights Out for Client Acquisition

Wining and dining with your clients is a tried and tested method to help acquire big clients, but how you go about it depends on the type of contract and the type of client. Overall there are two main types of events you will want to plan.

The Professional

When you plan a night out for a professional meeting, choose a restaurant that suits everyone’s pallet and offers a good environment to discuss work.

The Entertainer

The second type is the entertainer. Rather than sitting and discussing your business proposition, you usually work on connecting personally first and then bringing up your business proposition. You may take them out on a night out, or to an event like a sports event.

Know Their Preferences

No matter what, you want your night planned around your client, investor, or potential business partner’s preferences. If someone is vegan, you will not want to take them to a steak restaurant, for example.

Inviting Guests

Depending on the client, you may want to consider inviting guests. The guests you invite will depend entirely on the type of client and, more importantly, the type of contract you want with them. If you want to show them a good time, particularly as a proof of concept, then consider hiring entertainment. Professionals can range from musicians all the way to companions from Playgirls Essex. Just remember to match the type of entertainment with your business values and goals.

The Follow-Up

Regardless of what approach you take, always follow up the next day. Knowing how to follow up can make a massive difference. You will want it to sound like a simple continuation rather than you eagerly trying to pester them. When following up, do so through the right channels rather than through personal communication. This tip goes doubly, so if there is any chance they are hungover the next day.

When you follow up, remember to take things that were only verbally said with a grain of salt. Once the books are down and the terms are being negotiated, the real deal will be hashed out.


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