Do you want to work according to your comfort and flexibility? Then this blog is all you need. It will tell you multiple and easiest ways to make money on the weekends.

To find a side hustle or we can say part-time job for adding worth to your routine earned cash income is a dream of all to survive in this age and time.

The purpose of making extra money varies with every individual. Everyone has a different reason to start a part-time job and fill their wallets. With that said all we need to do is to choose wisely what will work best for us and what way will serve our purpose productively.

If you are a student who wants to support his studies and expenses financially or if you are a parent who wants to earn a part-time income sided with the routine job just to make some extra money for the family or even if you are a starter who wants to try something different just to gain experience in that particular area of the market, then the first question that probably comes to your mind will be how to make extra money or how to start a part-time job?

As far as this question is concerned, earning extra cash needs your extra time and attention. And, for most of us, that free time only comes on the weekend. So, the majority of the people like us look for part-time work that they can easily do in their free time to make money on the weekends.

To make extra money, you will find a plethora of options to opt from like doing a part-time job in outlets, restaurants, or even a mall, finding a remote job or remote weekend job to earn extra coins as well as getting a smart way to make extra money online.

It all depends on your preferences and comfort level to go for what cushions you the most. With having a question in mind “how to make money”, if you search and explore the internet, there will come plenty of options in results enough to confuse you and make your time go wasted.

Various online platforms have had helped people to financially support themselves, especially in the un-ending Covid-19 scenario. As avoiding physical contact has become the need of the hour to remain safe, people have had to figure out other ways of earning to cover their economic needs and expenditures.

For your convenience, we have prepared this guide to help you throughout. This blog will guide you about how you can make money on the weekends by providing you the best and most comfortable and easiest weekend work options to choose for paying you well.

Earning a good amount with less effort is a smart way to make extra money and that’s what this guide will provide you- the smart ways to help you in making your weekend full of wealth and benefits. These weekend jobs will surely help you navigate your choices and availabilities.

Let’s explore what weekend jobs are available to suit you and pay you well in a range of circumstances.

Best ways to make money on the weekends:

Earning money always depends on your interests and expertise whether online or offline. So choose accordingly if you want to get highly paid for your work.

  1. Blog Writing
  2. Deliver food
  3. Online Tutor
  4. Freelancing
  5. Sponsored posting on Social Sites
  6. Place YouTube ads
  7. Take Online Surveys
  8. Make How-to videos on YouTube
  9. Transcription
  10. Watch videos
  11. Teach people English
  12. Serve as a Retailer
  13. Work in Events Sector
  14. Do Photography
  15. Sell stuff online

1.    Blog Writing

Blog writing is fun if you enjoy writing about things or penning your ideas down. It is one of the most convenient paid jobs that you can do easily by sitting at home without wasted attempts.

Blogging serves you another free opportunity to make it work for yourself. The easiest way of creating an online blog is with your g-mail ID. It allows you to be independent in your area of interest.

If you are interested in travel, you can write about ideal traveling destinations. If you are passionate about fashion-wear or food, you can jot it down for everyone to read. Do you want to share your experiences or advice regarding online shopping and scams? Offer what you have. Your specificity will help you attract the target audience and business.

Nowadays, many organizations, websites as well as people look for individuals who can write for their blogs. Organizations and businesses pay writers to successfully brand their products with effective and engaging writing methods and targeted words.

Also, having information about affiliate marketing and SEO techniques will serve you as a plus. So, if you know how to write effectively, you will find this option well-matched for you.

2.    Deliver Food

With the opening of so many food outlets and restaurants, serving in any of them to deliver their food products will give you maximum flexibility along with sufficient part-time income.

It is best of the best part-time options available especially for students because if you can’t move to other cities or towns for better opportunities, all you need is a motorbike and other needed safety gear to start with.

You can also use your car, scooter, or any other in-use and suitable vehicle to deliver food orders but MAKE SURE YOUR SECURITY FIRST.

Additionally, you’ll get paid according to the distance you cover. All the organizations have distance limitations. If you cross that limit to deliver the order, you’ll charge accordingly. The more you travel, the more you’ll earn.

And, if any customer pays you extra other than the charged amount then these tips will be an addition to your part-time income.

3.    Online Tutor

If you have confidence that you have got good command of a particular subject and you can deliver well-structured lectures and lessons to teach students efficiently, then it is the most rewarding choice available in both physical and online forms.

You’ll not find the restriction of having a formal qualification before start tutoring online. If you have skills and knowledge about your chosen area, online platforms will serve you to use them freely and handily.

These online networks will let you register yourself being a private instructor, will allow you to set desired rates, and also will permit you to choose an online teaching method either through face-to-face conversation or other preferences.

Moreover, making tutorial videos and posting them online for students or all digital communities diversifies this field and ways to make money online.

You can also advertise your expertise as well as services for gaining tutoring opportunities privately on social media platforms and networks. But as maintaining a distance remains a top and needed priority these days, you should better go for opting for this online tutoring strategy.

The most flexible part of it being online- which makes it unrestrained to any country. If you have expertise in any major or subject, you can share your knowledge, notes, and learning techniques with other people as an opportunity to benefit others along with you.

4.    Freelancing

If you want to go for a way where you can earn from as well as can create a professional portfolio then Freelancing is perfect for you.

Freelancing provides you an online market to work for clients worldwide. Also, it offers you free opportunities to get hands-on experience side by earning money. Many potential clients can pay you much more than you expect it.

Whether you have got expertise in creative writing, proofreading, web designing, graphic designing, Microsoft office, copywriting, photography, etc. or have hands-on experience on some other grounds, you can just log in to some widely used and trusted sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Peopleperhour, TaskRabbit and there are you starting your career online.

You may find difficulty when you go and start as a beginner. But the more you gain experience the more likely will be the chances to earn potential amounts.

You should go for a rather slow but promising strategy in which slowly and gradually you start moving towards potentiality and professionalism. First, try to set up an online professional portfolio of your offered services and make efforts to do as you are directed by clients to understand the work nature.

Giving you a hint of how much you can earn from this market, take the examples of Content writers who sometimes even earn up to $1000 per article. So take advantage of this great exposure to serve you at the end.

5.    Sponsored Posting on Social Sites

Nowadays all social media sites serve as a business market for individuals and organizations. Everyone is on it to make money.

Likewise blogs, these sponsors also pay people to help promote their products and increase their brand popularity. If you have popularity on any social site, you can use it cleverly to get paid for by sharing sponsored posts or by talking about or beautifying the products’ quality.

If you want to polish up your marketing, communication, and networking skills as well as if you want to groom your persona, then this part-time weekend job is best to undertake.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linked In and many more are the common platforms where companies pay you for sharing their product knowledge whether it’s a furniture trademark, organization, food outlet, clothing brands, jewelry, photographers, etc.

To give you a tip, undergraduate students can make the most money out of this weekend job in particular. Many high-profile companies search for individuals to serve as brand ambassadors for the company to represent it on the campus events and raise awareness about the brand among the student population.

So, if you work with a reputable organization as its brand ambassador, you can earn up to about £10 per hour along with other fair benefits.

6.    Place YouTube ads

The technique of placing ads on YouTube videos can also prove fruitful if used properly. By doing so, you can earn up to $6000 per month or more. All you need to do is to turn the ads on every time you are about to post a video. The greater the viewership is, the more the brand will pay you.

7.    Take Online Surveys

It is the easiest and most popular source of income in particular for the students who can use up their spare time by filling the marketing research surveys and questionnaires online.

In today’s world, most companies prefer to conduct the survey online rather than doing it physically. So, they are always looking up for new candidates to fill out their forms and help them in acquiring the outcome in a shorter period.

While deciding to take surveys online, you may be asked to share your opinion on topics like travel and tourism, technologies and the digital world, health concerns, beauty and products, and many more. Each survey’s worth will depend on the time it takes to get completed.

Moreover, some sites pay you for testing their products and websites. So the reward for getting a task done varies from site to site. And PayPal is the most preferred payment withdraws option offered by most of these sites along with other choices.

Sometimes, a survey of few minutes can add up to £3 to your account. All you have to do is try sites like Swagbucks, Opinion Outpost, Toluna, SurveySavvy, Pinecone Research, and others to take surveys and make money.

If you are looking for flexible part-time income though little in the count, go for completing surveys online.

8.    Make How-to videos on YouTube

Whenever people face any problem in their life, they turn to YouTube for searching for a guide on how to fix it. YouTube is known for helping people get out of an issue.

To earn through this way, you need to go and search the phrases people look for. Make videos on the most searched questions first and do not forget to mention the same keywords while writing the description. This strategy will assist in getting a maximum audience and help you out as a serving hand.

9.    Transcription

Can you type fast? Then this role is for you. A transcriber has to simply hear an audio file and type it. Usually, the payment for this job depends on how fast your speed is. The fast you type words, the more you will earn. An average transcriber types 75-100 words in a minute.

Accuro, Alice Darling, BAM, Capital Typing are some famous sites in the UK that offer people paid transcription by testing you first.

10. Watch Videos

Instead of making videos, if watching videos by sitting idly is your thing, then make it a skill to hand you out a part-time income without doing hard work. It is one of the easiest tasks one can do effortlessly.

InboxPounds and Swagbucks are the websites that offer you an opportunity to see the given advertisements and videos and get paid.

11. Teach people English

If you have a good command of conversational and written English, then you can make money by using this skill as an advantage. All you have to do is to develop a potential one-on-one relationship with clients and the profession will be fun for you.

EF(Education First), iTalki, Lingoda, Voxy, are some websites that hire people from the UK to teach children English worldwide

12. Serve as a Retailer

Serving as a retailer in high-street retailers or supermarkets is another popular weekend job option available for people who want to make extra money on the weekend.

Many retailers and supermarkets hire individuals to serve them but in shifts. In this way, you have the flexibility that which shift you find suitable and comfortable to work in. Also, you have a chance to double your part-time income by choosing to work in 2 or more shifts.

Majorly, these supermarket stores and high-street retailers pay an average of £10 in an hour with other offered benefits like staff discounts, etc. But, if you go to serve in higher market stores, you can earn more than that especially when you do the night shift.

But remember, if you choose to work in this field, you should have strong communication skills to deal with customers expertly along with compatibility to cope with pressure and a demanding environment.

Shelf stacking and operating checkouts are not as easy as they sound. So consider all the things first and then decide carefully.

13. Work in Events Sector

As you know, whether it is an organization or a sports venue, a theatre or concert hall, an exhibition or a promotional event, all these sectors require an additional number of staff to join them especially on the weekends.

There are a variety of roles that can fit in if you work in events like you can serve food and beverages. Also, you can play your role in catering, sales, ticketing, and marshaling, etc.

You can either register yourself directly or by using any third party like other person or agencies that supply staff for events like these.

However, in this job you have to be ready all the time as demand may come at any last minute. If you have your transport facility and you feel no hesitation in doing an all-time ready job like such events then for sure this job is your best pick!

14. Do Photography

People love to photograph their moments, smiles, and memories.

A lot more people wait for weekends to arrange their photoshoots in their free time. Therefore, you can avail this opportunity by serving as a photographer to make your weekend productive and to earn a handsome part-time income.

If you know camera handling, rules, and angels as well as how to take perfect shots, then you should consider this photography profession as the best weekend jobs searched outcome.

And even if you don’t have any expertise in this field, you can still survive and thrive doing photography. Don’t worry about camera rules if you consider it difficult. Just learn some basics, grab a professional camera and tell your circle, friends, and family as an advertisement.

You may need to offer some free photoshoots to clients in the start just to build up a good base and get good reviews, but once you get a hand on it, you’ll surely see how this works for you!

15. Sell stuff online

Have you ever thought about turning your hobby into a side hustle just to make extra money?

At home, you can easily make some crafts or cook foody items to sell them online as many people love to eat or use homemade things. And in addition, social media sites will serve you as platforms to do this free marketing and selling online.

Moreover, you can also buy cheaper things from sales and other charity shops to sell them at higher rates just to make potential profits. Most people use this strategy to generate a part-time income on their own.

You can update all the details of items with the convenience of doing it on weekends just like responding to questions and queries, purchasing, photographing, listing, and posting products online. It’s totally flexible depends on when you get time to do this.

eBay, Gumtree, and Preloved are some of the most famous selling sites that make this profession a money-spinner.

But before exceeding the limits and allowances, be aware of private sellers because you can get stuck in taxes and extra fees if you go beyond lines.

Final Words

There are various opportunities available for those who are seeking. So, make sure you’re up to speed with the needed requirements that come midway. These part-time income sources offer you hands-on experiences, flexible solutions, and a sense of enjoyment along with extra money.  No matter whatever your reason is to undertake a weekend job, just grab your opportunities and go for a change!

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