When you start paying attention to music pieces from different eras, you will soon notice the differences in styles, note variations, and themes they follow. If you like classical music, you may be interested in learning a bit more about classical music history.

To choose the Best between Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras, you should first know what each of these eras offers. Learn about the prominent music pieces and noted musicians of each of these eras. For example, the “Early Music” era relates to the medieval and Renaissance periods of music.

However, the use of musical instruments and print in the music era started only toward the late Renaissance era in the Baroque era.

The Baroque Era

The Baroque period is the period between 1600 and 1750 and originated in Western Europe. Musical instruments started becoming popular during this era. Music eras are divided into three phases, namely, early, middle, and late.

The Baroque period features artistic style music. You will be able to find pieces written in Italy, Rome, and other areas in Europe. However, you may have trouble finding exact recreations of these pieces since the era was way back in the past.

The Classic Period

The classic period was between 1750 and 1827. There was a drastic shift in cultures and music creation trends between the Baroque and Classical eras. The greatest music composers like Mozart and Beethoven made music during these eras.

If you are an aspiring classical musician, then the classical period is an era you should explore. As the name suggests, this era saw most of the evolution in terms of classical music. Musicians had access to fully developed instruments like pianos with good scales during the era. Pieces from this era now form part of classical music lessons globally.

The Romantic Period

Music from this era is very different from the music of the Baroque and Classic periods. These songs have fewer boundaries and follow fewer rules. Unlike music from the classical period, which is clear and organized, songs and pieces from the romantic era are free-flowing and follow their own pace.

The romantic era of music started around 1830 and ended in 1900. You will have no trouble finding expansive symphonies, opera, passionate songs about love, and other expressive compositions from this era. These pieces are more explorative than pieces from other eras.

How to Find Your Favorite Music Era?

Consider your music preferences first to determine the best between the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic eras. Music is a highly subjective area, and there is no one right way to find the best era in music history.

The classical era may be the most interesting if you love deep, intricate, classical notes. Conversely, if you like to be a little adventurous with your music, you may enjoy the Romantic era more. Listen to a few pieces from each of these eras.

Final Thoughts

Music is an art form that is constantly evolving and changing. While you may be able to enjoy songs and pieces from all eras, there may be some music periods you find more interesting than others.


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