The business world is evolving at a high speed. With various technologies and techniques, the world of marketing has become very advanced and easy. Now, since the global pandemic of COVID-19 has emerged, the businesses and the markets, both have been affected by it. The product rates have increased and so has the market value.

Supply market or say market supply is the total amount at which all the producers are selling it in the market or are willing to sell it. Supply market analysis, often shortened to SMA, is the technique by which you can analyze the market characteristics for many goods and services.

Apart from this, it offers the knowledge of competitiveness, trends of the market, suppliers, price, etc. It also helps in analyzing any case where the supply market fails and risks.

Here, it will be briefed about how to conduct the supply market analysis. Supply market analysis is a requisite technique that will contribute a lot to the success of any organization. Let’s look at the steps to conduct supply market analysis.

How to conduct supply market analysis

Supply market analysis is a crucial step that you take for the advancement of your organization. There are five basic steps you need to take to conduct the supply market analysis.

  • Define – You should have a clear idea of your objective; without a goal, no business can run. Hence, you need to be clear about your goal. You should have an idea of how to improve your position using the supply market. You should know about the product.
  • Research – When you have fully understood your product, and the goal of the company, you should plan on researching the market value of the product and the price structure of the product. You should have an understanding of what all costs are included in the price of the product. This step is also about researching the factors which affect the sales of the product.
  • Conduct – This step is a step ahead of research and research on a higher level. In this step, you must research the competitors, the targeted customers, factors affecting the price and sales of the product, and everything. Here, you can research with the help of SWOT analysis.
  • Identify – You need to identify market indicators; this identification is very crucial and important for the supply market analysis. Mainly, four types of indicators are seen in the market. They are Economic indicators, pricing indicators, employment indicators, and the last production indicator. You should have a brief knowledge of all of them and they can help in understanding the status of the market.
  • Compile – This is the last step of supply market analysis. As the name suggests you need to compile everything in this step. All your research findings, data should be brought together and a bigger and clearer picture should be made. Looking at all the findings, you must draw conclusions and some solutions which are unique to your organization. The solutions will help you grow and develop the company, reduce risks, strengthen the position, and many more benefits.


So, you have seen how supply market analysis can be conducted in just simple five steps. The supply market analysis helps in identifying the market trends, risks, competitors, and many more factors of the market. It helps you understand the market characteristics and the value of the products and services.


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