India is in a state of crisis, with 400,000 new cases every day. The second wave of COVID-19 has left people of the country in a vulnerable state. Even though the country has opened a massive vaccination drive for people of all ages, this has left the state with a shortage of vaccination. Authorities have reported 401,993 Coronavirus Cases in India in the last 24 hours. This has been the highest case count worldwide. After ten days, there have been over 300,000 new cases reported every day. While there could be many others that have still gone unreported.

The number of deaths from Coronavirus/COVID-19 has risen to 3,523 daily. This has taken the total death toll to 211,852, as reported by the federal health ministry.

India was the biggest produces of Coronavirus vaccinations. But the second wave has left the number of shots limited. This has surged the number of infections and has burdened the hospitals and morgues everywhere. People are sitting outside the hospitals waiting for oxygen and medicines. But the scarcity has left people dying on the streets.

Patients suffering from the COVID-19 disease (coronavirus) share beds to receive treatment inside the emergency ward at Holy Family hospital in New Delhi.

            The worst-hit area of India, West Bengal, has not been able to start the vaccination drive because of the shot shortage nationwide. The state has urged the government to supply more vaccinations. The federal government has yet to take action. Delhi has been the most hard-hit state of all, the chief minister of Delhi has promised that there will be more vaccinations provided to the public of Delhi.

            The eastern state has reportedly received 150,000 shots of COVID-19 vaccination, but the state has allowed few people to get the shot because of the lockdown. Many have been saying that this lockdown restriction should have come earlier.

People in the state of Gujarat have been standing in queue for a long time. People from the age of 18 and onwards are waiting for their turn.

A mass cremation of people who passed away from coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Critical COVID-19 Patients Can’t Access the Medical Care

Thousands of coronavirus patients are desperate to get a bed in the overburdened hospitals. A 62-year-old gasping for air was turned away from the hospital as all its 385 beds were full. His family debated for hours with the hospital staff, but unfortunately, nothing worked.

The series of bad event didn’t end there. A fire erupted in a hospital 190 kilometres away from Ahmedabad. The fire killed 16 COVID-19 patients and two staff members. Prime minister Modi offered condolences to the family of the deceased via Twitter.

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