There is nothing like Temptation Cancun Resort’s party extravaganza for a lifetime, as guests come together to indulge their passions while at an all-inclusive resort.

Hotel Riviera Maya is undoubtedly one of the most magical getaways around. You can enjoy world-famous wild pool parties, theme nights, and live performances at this resort. It will not be necessary for you to wonder about what to expect when you check into Temptation Cancun Resort since the facility will provide all the information you require.

Which accommodations are available to you?

A total of 430 rooms and suites are available at the hotel, equipped with minibars, flat-screen free Wi-Fi, TVs, a beverage maker, as well as round the clock room service. There are some rooms with ocean and pool views, and others have a view of the garden.

The Cancun Adult Resorts also features a tower with a 7-story building and oceanfront suites. Besides restaurants and a sundeck, we also offer butler service.

Does the resort serve food?

With its wide variety of gastronomic delights, this area is home to many high-quality restaurants. In the gourmet cafe and late-night snack bar of the hotel, you can enjoy more than fifteen cuisines from around the world. If you choose SULTRA, you can choose from Asian dishes, while Flame offers American, Brazilian, and Argentine dishes. Among the live cooking stations at the restaurants is Italian, Mexican, and international cuisine. There is Mexican food in ROMANZA while there is Italian food in AMORES.

The resort offers romantic beach dinners with champagne and waiter service, as well as aphrodisiac cuisine at its SHE & SEA FLIRT restaurant.

A great resort with bars would be Temptation Cancun Resort.

The resort is open night and day, so you’re able to get a drink whenever you want.

A few of the excellent bars you can find near the hotel are the superb Sky 3.5 rooftop lounge, the relaxing SCORE sports bar, and BOOST, a swim-up bar near the pool.

A package that is all-inclusive may not be the same as another.

At Temptations Cancun Resort, packages include:

  • The rooms and suites are equipped with a variety of amenities
  • Daily entertainment includes water activities like paddleboarding, kayaking, , and windsurfing
  • A part of the celebrations and presentations are theme nights and live music
  • A gourmet cafe and Restaurants are open throughout the day
  • Drinks are available 24 hours a day at numerous bars
  • The resort has a fitness center that is considered world-class
  • WiFi is available for free to resort guests (limited access).

What are the resort’s theme nights like?

The resort’s theme nights are filled with dancing, music, entertainment, and fun. Using a cape and mask, a player shows off his seduction abilities as a superhero. Devils and Angels allow players to either be good or evil.

For the superhero experience, guests can wear Toga Party costumes at the weekly party. Temptation hosts Summer Fest and Addiction Month each year in June and September, in addition to various other special events.

Does the resort have recreational facilities?

Treatments and massages are available in the fitness center and spa. Temptation Cancun Resort is a popular destination for tourists in Mexico. Besides styling your hair, beauty salons also offer nail services. There are two swimming pools at the hotel. Swimming pools are located at the front and the back of the hotel. The larger pool has a swim-up bar.

The resort’s private beach offers guests the opportunity to enjoy water sports. Paddleboarders, kayakers, and windsurfers can also use catamarans and Hobby Cats to participate in sports like paddleboarding.

Discover what the resort has to offer by viewing the exterior of the building

The Caribbean Sea offers many enjoyable activities, including swimming, playing water sports, and taking a stroll along the shore. Cancun offers a lot to do. The city has numerous attractions, including shopping centers, bars, restaurants, and underwater museums.

Whether on the beach, at a nightclub, or at live music venues, the city is buzzing with energy.

How can I see and do the most outside of the resort?

Besides the resort’s private beach, there are many water sports available to patrons, so visitors can go swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, catch some rays, or simply enjoy a variety of water activities.

There are many things to do in Cancun city. In addition to the many bars, restaurants, and shopping malls that you can find within the city, you will also find an underwater museum.

In the evenings, the city comes alive with nightclubs, live music venues, and beach parties.







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