Innovative technology has lent a real-time feel to digital events and enabled them to flourish. In fact, 90% of event managers have decided to invest permanently in virtual events. You, too, can take advantage of websites such as to scale your business to new milestones.

Virtual platforms are designed to host various events from small to large, formal to informal, and private to public. With a number of effective and cheap options available in the market, it may be hard to pick one that suits your needs.

Therefore, this article will list the features these platforms offer, which will help you pick the right one for your business.


The most important feature to look for in a virtual platform is its ability to scale. No matter what size your business is today, you may scale to new levels in the future, and your partners should be able to keep up.

There are also instances when you may need to conduct a very private event with a small audience, and therefore, the platform should be flexible to fit any audience size.


The business environment is dynamic and requires you to be able to provide tailor-made services to your customers. Similarly, your virtual event partner should also be able to offer customization options to you.

The nature of business evolves depending on customer needs, and this should not hinder the production process just because your partner was unable to meet your demands.

When you have the option to customize the events, you can increase your brand’s visibility by adding banners, logos, call-outs, etc., on the screen. You can also use audio or video content during breaks to keep the audience engaged. The best platforms offer high-level customization to help you tailor your event to appeal to your target customers.


Once the event is completed, you need data to review the audiences’ responses. Therefore, virtual platforms provide real-time analytics to help you extract valuable perspectives from different angles.

The data is collected in real-time, allowing you to make changes while the event is still on. You can also use the data to generate leads for your marketing team to target directly.

Booths Or Stalls For Sponsors

On occasion, events have sponsors, and they want their share of visibility during the event. It means that your virtual partner should be able to provide booths or stalls where your sponsors can post their content and maximize their ROI.

The content they post can be in the form of brochures, demos, videos, or menus. When returns are high, they will readily sponsor the next event. So, choosing the right platform is crucial.

Easy To Install Widgets

Virtual meeting space has many plug-and-play widgets that allow you to create events of your choice. Most platforms will have ready-to-use templates, but you are also given the option to design your event with the help of plug-in widgets.

Virtual rooms are all the rage when it comes to any kind of event, corporate or non-corporate. With most people collaborating online, these spaces must offer the above features and many more to make your event a success.


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