Microsoft is always bringing new products to compete with the market demands. It seems that people are dealing with too much data and suffer from keeping it organized and structured.

This is where the SharePoint vs OneDrive war began and is still in process. The Microsoft team brings in the best tools and resources to optimize your business with the best insights and management.

What is the difference between SharePoint and OneDrive?

It might be confusing with too many features and functionalities available in both tools. They are known to be the best products if you know exactly about their processes.

  1. Definition

    • OneDrive is known as an online folder system used to sync the data on cloud storage and access them through multiple devices.
    • SharePoint is a cloud platform that helps collaboration, content management, and more features to work together.
  2. Purpose

    •  OneDrive is used by business or individual
    • SharePoint is known to be a team site or collaborative tool
  3. Ownership

    • OneDrive lets an individual own all the permissions and keeps them private
    • While in the case of SharePoint, your files belong to the group, but you get to decide their actions on the file as the owner.
  4. Permission Management

    • While in case of SharePoint, your files belong to the group, but you get to decide their actions on the file as the owner
    • While in case of SharePoint, your files belong to the group, but you get to decide their actions on the file as the owner
  5. Collaboration

    • OneDrive supports lightweight collaboration, which might not be enough for large projects
    • SharePoint helps to collaborate with others. It has advanced document features, repositories, custom lists, forms, web pages, data entry, and more.

What are the must-know facts about SharePoint and OneDrive?

1.     The Popularity

There are over 100 million users around the globe utilizing the benefits of SharePoint. Microsoft notices approx. 20,000 new users on SharePoint every day. These figures help display the value of SharePoint and the necessity of such a tool in modern business.

2.     Co-Authoring Documents

SharePoint gives permission to multiple users to work simultaneously on a single document and update the changes in real-time. This feature avoids any coincidental multiple versions of the document and reduces storage and network usage. Authors are able to see who is working and where others are making changes. Users can also move files from OneDrive to SharePoint if they work together.

3.     Less Coding Environment

We know you do not want to deal with complicated coding, which is time-consuming and needs to be effective. SharePoint has made cloud computing seamlessly with its amazing capabilities. Microsoft has introduced friendly components and tools which offer codeless solutions.

4.     Mobility

Users need a mobile-friendly platform that has great accessibility. This helps your organization to improve the mobility of the websites. You have to build master pages and CSS for the mobile devices. SharePoint solutions help to increase the productivity of mobile apps.

5.     Different Modes

Organizations have multiple configurations and settings for their SharePoint platforms. It has On-Premise, Cloud, and Hybrid modes for usage. The Cloud versions have minimal hardware and resources. At the same time, the On-Premise version requires more hardware and people. Also, you might need an IT team to install updates and maintain the server. The hybrid version enables the user to get the features of SharePoint Online and on-premises.

Now, let us look at the amazing facts of OneDrive:

1.     Storage Availability

If you are using the Office 365 suites, you get access to 1 T storage included with that. This is enough for an individual user who deals with minimal documents and files.

2.     Share files

OneDrive file sharing is effortless. All you need to do is give permissions directly or generate a shareable link for your documents. It also has functionalities to set the expiry date of the links to ensure your content is safe.

3.     Application Accessibility

It has applications for Windows, iOS, and Android. This ensures that you can access the files from any platform and anywhere.

4.     Replace local storage

This is more storage than most folks have in their devices. Once you practice saving the files on OneDrive, you get better accessibility. Replacing your local file storage with OneDrive storage improves the management of your data.

5.     Version Control

OneDrive builds a version of your files when you save them. This ensures that you do not lose your data. Users get to create, modify, and remove files whenever required.

OneDrive SharePoint has made life easier for your business to handle files and resources in an organized manner.

What are the benefits of SharePoint vs OneDrive?

Make your final decision based on the below factors:

1.     Price

OneDrive and SharePoint have similar pricing for basic services when you have standalone products. As SharePoint has extensive features, it steps up in the competition. SharePoint purchase also has access to limited OneDrive features.

2.     Cost-Effective

If you need basic cloud storage and no extensive file collaboration, then OneDrive has a free version. This is made for individuals instead of businesses, but small businesses can also use it.

3.     Security

Many organizations have extensive requirements to secure shared customer files and data. SharePoint provides better control of the files when you share with other users when compared to OneDrive. SharePoint handles files on a separate server which ensures fewer surety issues.

OneDrive has the same encryption capabilities and some basic level of security for your files. However, it won’t match the security features of SharePoint. 

4.     Collaboration

SharePoint allows team collaboration on projects, sharing data, and keeping them organized. Whereas, OneDrive does not have built-in features to manage collaboration with others. SharePoint lets people create the file and set various permission levels based on the requirements.

5.     Microsoft Tools

SharePoint allows the admin to set teams and give them the ability to access the project files. It simplifies collaboration and strengthens security. As a user, you can use SharePoint and OneDrive both at your convenience. But, SharePoint makes it incredibly easier for the organization members to collaborate and share information.

The Final Note!

It would be best to explore many facts when it comes to SharePoint vs OneDrive. Both of them have advantages based on your requirements. Now that you understand the basics, you might make an informed decision.


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