With the emerge of the deadly coronavirus, people incorporated more processed food into their diet during this period. One of the main reasons why they did this is to make their immunity strong. To strengthen their immune system and to improve their nutrition for fighting against the virus were their primary goals behind this shifted change.

But this change in food consumption bought some consequences with it. A lot more people started putting on weight. Now, the majority want to adopt a diet plan that helps them reduce their weight without any side effects. 

Dr. Eric Westman Keto diet is the best pick in this regard. This guide will tell you what the diet plan is all about. But first, let’s meet the leading light of this Keto plan.

Who is Dr. Eric Westman?

MD, MHS, and Chairman of the KE Diet Scientific Advisory Board, Dr. Eric Westman, is the thought-leader of the Ketogenic diet manual that is low in carbohydrates. He often recommends this plan as “No-Sugar, No-Starch Diet” to his patients at Duke Lifestyle Medicine Clinic. 

As everyone is so confused about what to do and what not to for weight loss and carbohydrate consumption, Dr. Eric Westman came up with the ‘Dr. Eric Westman Keto diet’ to guide people about having nutritional therapy. “End your carb confusion: a simple guide to customize your carb intake for optional health” is his book in which he cleared all the misconceptions about how you can lose weight while still having carbohydrates. This weight-reduction plan is now alluded to as Dr. Eric Westman’s Keto diet. 

This dietary regimen aims to teach people how to fuel body health by using carbohydrates and achieve weight loss without getting worried about Ketones. Dr. Eric has helped people to lose about 26,000 pounds with this diet plan and also helped people to cure diseases like PCOS, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. According to him, “The key to unlocking weight loss is knowing your carb threshold.”

The diet plan is super simple to adopt and offers no complexities to people. All you need to give up is in taking sugar as it’s not fat that is the problem but the sugar. 

In his book, Dr. Eric said, “Everyone has a different level of tolerance for carbohydrates, and the perfect diet will totally depend upon knowing the carb level and then matching it to your body’s metabolism. Doing this will surely be optimal for your health.” 

Now, let’s explore what the Dr. Eric Westman Keto diet plan offers in losing weight while eating healthy all day because losing weight is all about the carbohydrates that you eat in a day.

What is Keto Diet?

A keto diet is an eating plan that revolves around food assortments that give a lot of empowering fats, adequate proportions of protein with no starch at all. The goal is to make energy from body fats rather than producing it from carbs. This diet defines eating carbohydrates in the right way. 

There’s a massive load of information out there on Keto, and a huge load of it is conflicting. So it’s no enormous shock you may get confused. Dr. Eric Westman has over 20 years of inclusion with Keto, making him the ideal competitor to uncover how to do Eric Westman Keto diet by having a healthy diet low in sugar.

Eric Westman Keto Plan:

In real, if the body doesn’t find a sufficient amount of carbohydrates and glucose in it, it starts making its energy by burning body fats. This process creates ketosis in the blood. That is why a Ketogenic diet helps in quick weight loss without making you feel hungry, as the body burns its fat.

To adopt this dieting plan, you need to follow the instructions given below.

  • Stay away from sugar

You may have realized how awful sugar is regarding diabetes, stoutness, and irritation. Notwithstanding, counterfeit sugars can turn crazy since individuals start eating things that have more carbs to quench their thirst. That is the reason why the Keto diet doesn’t work for many individuals. You can do this Keto plan if and only you quit taking sugar in your daily life routine. So avoid sugar and limit carbohydrate intake.

  • Protein first

Generally, people emphasize eating fats. However, protein is the main thing to eat – not ketones, not fat. The fundamental nourishing standard of having protein first will get you into the domain of smart dieting for essential sustenance. Our bodies can’t make amino acids which are the structure squares of protein, so we should avoid genuine food sources and put protein first by eating meat, fish, eggs, etc. You will naturally get the fat as these food sources accompany fats along with proteins.

  • On and off fasting

The Keto diet plan doesn’t stop you from eating at all. But you have to do discontinuous fasting to keep the plan work. You should only eat when you feel hungry. Otherwise, you avoid eating food irregularly. If you don’t eat at s time, it should be because you’re not starving and not because you’re trying to power without food for certain hours.

  • Keep carbohydrates low and eat till you’re full.

The favored route is to eat until you’re easily full. So eat meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs, a couple of mixed greens, and veggies. You can likewise have some fruits, cheddar, cream, and mayonnaise, yet their quantity must be limited because they have a lot of calories.

  • Stay hydrated:

Drink as much water as you can, along with some bouillon and coffee, tea, or diet soda to avoid fatigue or other body aches. But if you’re a victim of High Blood Pressure, then you should start the Keto diet.

  • Increase physical activity:

If you remain inactive, you can’t imagine losing weight idly. So try to remain active in your routine to reduce stress and hunger and to make bone density better.

Best Vegetables for Keto Diet

Advantages of Keto Diet

  • Inexpensive

The biggest advantage of this Keto diet plan is that it is affordable to adopt. It does not advise you to buy expensive foods and sustenance to bring it off. You’re allowed to eat all the things, whether cheap or expensive, homemade cuisine or fast food. But, make sure whatever edibles you intake, they should be low in carbohydrates. The maximum intake of carbs should be 20 grams for a day.

  • Weight loss

The reason individuals do the Keto diet is to control the additional energy and hunger, as you’ll encounter a diminishing craving by adopting this diet plan. The Keto diet advances weight reduction, and your body begins reducing its fat. That is the reason why when people catch wind of the eating regimen, they quickly think about the weight reduction approach.

  • Blood sugar regulation

Utilizing Keto for diabetes can place the infection into reduction. This might be something you’ll need to attempt regardless of whether you’re simply encountering the side effects of fluctuating glucose levels. 

You must have clinical management in case you’re on medicines for diabetes. In any case, each diabetic who begins the Keto diet will see improvement. The time it takes to improve relies upon how long you’ve had it and what sort of prescriptions you’re on. There are even a few enhancements from the principal day of receiving the Keto diet.

  • Eliminate heartburn

Quite possibly, the most undetected advantage of the Keto diet is the disposal of indigestion. “I see in 98% of individuals off meds, the acid reflux has gone,” claims Dr. Eric Westman. Individuals normally look for the Keto diet is to assist in the matters like diabetes, weight loss, metabolic disorder, and also acid reflux.


These are only a few things that individuals are doing while at the same time attempting to sort it out all alone. If you’re not exactly hitting the nail on the head, follow these rules and stay away from the normal way of life issues can truly help make the Keto diet work for you. 

Stay away from the normal slip-ups when you adopt this Keto diet at all. Dr. Eric Westman can take you through certain tips and can lead you to the best way of how to do Keto simply. All you require is not to think about sugar and carbohydrates and just follow the directions.


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