Australia has attracted lots of attention for various cosmetic dentistry procedures by many celebrities and commoners. Capable dentists in Zetland have made it possible for everyone to stay in fashion by such processes and keep their teeth shiny. One can find newer trends popping every second where people want to replace their teeth or add accessories to them that become fashionable. It might be stressful to choose a single option considering the variety available.

Here are some dental fashion options to make the selection process light.


Yes! Tattooing teeth is now possible. Dental tattoos are a very new addition that most people are unaware of. Some deem it harmful and fear any side effects shortly after getting them. Research has proven close to no harm to teeth after getting such tattoos if one gets it done from a credible place with proper tools. It is not a procedure practised solely by dentists alone.

Zetland has had a few people go through such innovations recently where one gets a tattoo on an enamel overlay connected to the teeth. It is impossible to get a tattoo directly on the teeth, which is why a crown is first tattooed upon by a professional and presented to the dentist for application.

Tooth shaping:

This trend arose recently where people like to shape their teeth a certain way. Most people align their teeth and shape them to keep them in order. The latest developments make it possible to shape teeth to the patient’s convenience and give them any makeover as required. Many millennials and gen-z want to shape their teeth to a vampire tooth or any other shape.

They get two extremes of their teeth sharpened carefully to not affect them while eating. Dentists in Zetland are capable of such easy procedures and can help with shaping safely. Finding the right dentist to help one with the accuracy of the shape and reducing after-effects is the long part.


One can accessorize their teeth by adding small colourful elements through cosmetic dentistry procedures. One has an array of choices in this section that is unlimited and free to pick. One such accessory is fake braces, where people can get braces attached to the back of their teeth. It does not act to align the teeth and is not too inconvenient. This accessory helps add glamour or beauty to the teeth, while some like to move with the trends.

There are many jewellery options available for the teeth where one can replace the teeth with a funky alternative or add stuff to it to advance its looks. One has to decide the best after looking at convenience issues, disturbance within the mouth, cost, and other such components before purchasing to ensure it is worth the expenditure.


This option is a common one and most noticeable too. Lips, tongue, and sometimes even the inner ends of the cheeks can get piercings. These piercings can be studs, bells, or any other fashionable pick. Many people have started getting piercings that extend from one side of the lip to another and within the mouth itself.

One can get small stones piercing into their tongues for a sweet-looking piercing, or any big ones if they like the extravagant appeal. It is best to get smaller, lightweight ones that do not pull the mouth down. It can be tiresome if the weight of their piercing constantly pulls down the lips. It might even tear in some cases and cause extreme danger.


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