From vaccine development to rapid testing, United Kingdom is taking precautions at all hands.

The outbreak of deadly COVID-19 has made the whole come to a halt. Everyone has to learn a new way of living. The mass spread of Coronavirus left even the developed administrations like the UK shook with dire consequences. 

According to sources, the United Kingdom has been among one of the most hard-hit countries with more than 4 million cases and 127,539 deaths till today.  

But the country faced a spike in cases in January 2021 since the breakout of the pandemic and started reporting 50,000 new cases in a single day. 

The government seeing the alarming situation, took strict measures to stop the spread and imposed lockdown. Travel restrictions were imposed, concerned safety advice was given, and all the schools, pubs, museums, shops and restaurants were shut down in the country.  

With safety measures for cutting the transmission of the virus, the health care system was made efficient as well. The Hospital ICU capacity, as well as testing criteria, were scaled up to get the situation under control. 

Along with the government and frontline health workers, UK scientists played their part to help the world in developing vaccines. AstraZeneca came out as an outcome of the collaboration between England’s scientists and The University of Oxford that has proven to be valuable and effective for different age groups except the children.


The government has allowed two WHO-approved vaccines to be injected. The jabs of Pfizer came out 70% effective to reduce the number of cases and low down the death rate across the kingdom.

But the testing of second proved not well-suited for the adults under their 30s. Adults who received the first dose of AstraZeneca reported blood clotting, and 19 died out of 79 people who got this vaccination.

To counter this, the country dealt with this failure with an instant alternative. The government has continued the vaccination in different phases, and AstraZeneca is now banned for adults across the UK with an alternative of Pfizer.

Natasha Loder, a health care journalist and economist of London, while praising the efforts, said, “Our work with trials and tribulations and vaccine shows up our expertise in academics and science.”

According to updated figures by PHE, 1649 new cases and one death reported today, and more than 34 million have been successfully vaccinated with the first dose. 

The country has been now re-opening everything. People are allowed to go out, but with safety precautions, travel restrictions have been made easy, and all the markets and institutions are now resuming work.

Though the United Kingdom has done a lot and so quickly to cover the loss upfront, it still needs much more to do to avoid any further damage. Because the uncertainty of COVID-19’s symptoms and vaccines, so people and the government need to be cautious to not repeat the history when Coronavirus broke out in the UK.

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