Camping is an activity thoroughly enjoyed by people of all ages. It provides a unique experience of living in demanding conditions and managing life outside the comfort of a house. It is also highly enjoyable for those who do not want to practice hardcore camping regularly. Finding the right essentials like swags, bathroom and kitchen accessories, first aid kits, and more are necessary to stay safe and clean. Since beginners might be ill-equipped on their first camping trip, here are some objects to take to start the right way!

Cleanliness Requirements:

It is essential to stay clean and healthy to avoid diseases and stay hygienic even on a camping trip. One must bring toiletries that help them start the day by brushing and washing their face. Keep a hand sanitiser at all times and gather water to wash hands often. Bring towels and napkins to wipe off dirt or clean hands before cooking.

Things can get dirty when one is living outdoors. Use reusable plates and cups that do not need to be carried or washed often. Ensure taking a bag to fill all the waste in to take it back without mixing with the rest of the stuff and littering the environment.


Dress comfortably! Camping can be stressful if one dresses inappropriately for the activities involved in it. It is necessary to avoid anything that can restrict movement or add stress/pain while performing tasks. Carry a cap or a hat to keep warm during winters and to avoid the sun during summers. Although swags are equipped to keep one warm, additional layers do not hurt.

A muffler might be necessary for extreme winters to keep the neck warm. It can also double as an added blanket layer in the night. Avoid heels and sandals. Use comfortable shoes, preferably waterproof, to avoid any tears and make it easy to move.

A jacket/coat might be necessary for winter, but they are an added protective layer during summers. A raincoat may be required during the rainy season. Bring spare underwear and socks to replace after long hours of usage. Sunglasses or protective eye gear are an additional benefit during such trips.

Kitchen needs:

Take essential kitchen accessories to help cook while camping. Since one cannot solely depend on finding food naturally, taking some utensils and vegetables that do not rot soon is necessary. Take a few pots that can hold enough water and cook food quickly. A chopping board, knife, fuel, and lots of matchboxes are a necessity. It is not enough to solely depend on learning to light a fire without a lighter or a matchbox on the first try. Do not risk it if the camping experience is for a few days.

Sponges and towels are necessary to wash the utensils and dry them without attracting dust. Can and bottle openers help open packed or store-bought food that lasts much longer than fresh alternatives that are readily available.

Other Necessities:

First aid kit is of topmost priority since living in the woods can cause many injuries either on the way or during camping itself. It is best to keep medicines for all the possible issues like headache, stomach ache, etc., that can ruin the experience. Insect repellents and bug sprays are needed to keep any poisonous insects away. Take spare kits for the swags in case they need repairs. Portable chargers for phones are excellent gadgets to carry. Ensure not to overuse the phone and preserve the charge for emergencies. After all, camping is a nature-loving experience away from the hectic city lifestyle!


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