About BigTime 

Some of the best consulting firms in the world use BigTime reviews. The software is easily accessible from anywhere in the world and allows for users to have freedom of mobility as a result. The software allows accountants, architects, engineers, and IT service providers as well as other professionals to manage their work, track their progress and keep their expenses in check! All in all, this software is highly sought after and loved by many professionals. If you are keen on knowing more about this software then keep on reading! 

A lot of people and companies that use this software report that they have increased their margins by 25%. This is an average increase that users have reported which means that the various tools such as those for task management, invoicing with Quickbooks, workflow, and more are vital in increasing margins and can positively benefit your business quite a lot! In this piece, we will talk about various features of this software, its price, and much more. If you are considering investing in this software then keep reading to learn whether it is worth your time. 

BigTime Features:

Automatic Tracking

Automatic tracking is a great feature that is vital in software in this day and age! This feature keeps your manual tracking to not only a minimum but completely eradicates the need for it! The feature helps you track money expenses in your company which is vital for the success of any business; knowing how much money is going in and out of your business! The feature allows you to justify BigTime pricing because you no longer need to pour over excel sheets or spreadsheets and can simply let the software handle it and provide you with a report which helps outline everything!

Great Customer Service 

The customer service you are afforded with BigTime software is amazing. The team which is responsible for your customer care experience makes sure to leave no stone unturned when it comes to servicing you and helping you figure out what is the issue and not only that but going to great lengths to solve the issue as well. When you are thinking of the BigTime pricing, you should also account for the fact that this software gives you splendid after-sales services in the shape of great customer care representatives. A lot of BigTime software demo talk about the stellar customer care services they get! 

Client Invoicing 

Invoicing clients is a major thing that you need to do. This is because if you do not invoice your clients on time or correctly, the payment timeline and process are dragged out and your cash inflow is negatively affected. This is why invoicing correctly at the right time is so important. The client invoicing feature in this software automates the invoicing process so that your clients automatically are sent their invoices immediately so that they can then go about reimbursing that amount when they are able to. All in all, this feature is great and allows for a lot of time to be saved as well as improves your cash flow significantly! 

Project Mapping 

The next feature in BigTime software we want to talk about is the project mapping feature. This feature helps you in making a plan for how the project will look from the start to the end execution of it. This feature allows you to visually make a map for the timeline of events that can be associated with finishing your project. All in all, this feature is wonderful in how it helps you to maintain everything in relation to your project since you can create an outline for what needs to be done in regards to your project and then slowly finish the steps that have been outlined in the software! 


The final feature for BigTime software we want to highlight which is a feature that might alone make it worth it to spend money on the BigTime pricing is the templates feature. This feature allows you to choose from a myriad of templates available that you can then choose from. Finding the right template for your project planning activities is incredibly important. This software allows you to pick a template that will cater to your needs in particular so that you do not have to worry about creating your own template from scratch. Apart from that, you can even add customizations to the template according to what your needs from it may be! All in all, we are sure you will find a template to your liking in the software! 

BigTime Pricing 

If you are now wondering what the BigTime pricing is considering the plethora of features this software has. Fortunately, the software is not on the more expensive side of project planning software but on the mid-tier side. The cheapest version of the software costs $10. There are also versions that cost $30 and $40, and it is up to you and your needs which software is right for you! 


Is BigTime Right for You?

Now that we have outlined all the features, pricing, and more in this software for you, you are probably wondering whether this software is right for you. If you want to know for sure, we suggest you opt for a BigTime software trial and see whether the features in this software are worth your time. All in all, we suggest that you make the decision based on what features work for your needs and what might not.  

We are sure whatever decision you make about BigTime software, whether based on BigTime Software reviews or BigTime price will be the right decision!


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