The outbreak of Covid-19 in the year 2020 has not just been a health concern but has led to an economic slowdown. The impact on businesses and their growth has been adverse. Coronavirus has served as a reminder of the importance to make investments and savings that can help you cushion the tough blow. Some of the best investment opportunities are included in this guide to help you pick the best way to invest money.

How to get rich in 2021?

If you want to spend a comfortable life now and after retirement, you should learn different ways of making more money. But even before that, you need to know the difference between investment and savings.

Investment is the act of buying assets to gain some revenue from them. On the other hand, saving defines the act of keeping the money aside for future use. Savings can put your money aside but investments can increase the net worth of your amount.

Investment is the best way to get rich in 2021 with increasing rates and online market platforms. Some of the popular brands include IG, Plus500 and eToro (but wait, is etoro regulated in UK?) so you have plenty of options.

Best Way to Invest Money

Just like a financial advisor, investment platforms serve as online advisors who suggest where to invest by weighing your financial status and providing you with a suitable portfolio for investment.

Being an investor, you have to keep in mind a few important things including the risks, expected returns, the capital, time for keeping the investment, and many more. So, if you are a new investor, read this guide and help you throughout the process.

How to choose the best investment opportunity?

Investing the money increases your net worth, but these potential gains can be riskier at times. There are many great investment opportunities available through some of the best investment platforms, ranging from traditional stocks to online trading markets. However, it is all up to you as an investor which opportunity you choose for your financial growth.

Best investment Platforms 2021:

Every investment is different ranging from safer investment choices to higher-risk options. Let’s discuss some of the best investment opportunities available for you to make more money.

1.   Stocks

Stock is equity that makes you a part-owner of a company’s share. Investors make money with the rise in the price of these shares and lose with the fall. When you buy a corporate’s share, it means you’re purchasing a fraction of its future highs and lows.

If you see yourself no longer interested in this stock market, you can still make money by selling these shares at a higher price than you paid for them. There is a wide range of companies that offer multiple investment strategies and increase your net worth.

Considering Nairobi Securities Exchange that recorded a 4.3% rise in investors in early 2021, it indicates that how worthy the investors see investment to make even during this pandemic.

2.   Real Estate

One rather stable investment opportunity available nowadays is real estate. Real estate is the buying and selling of properties to generate a good return. You can also save money by purchasing it and then give it on rent to earn monthly fixed revenue.

If you can’t do this then you can also go to REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust) to invest money. REITs are the companies that own properties and offer you regular payments on a dividend basis.

3.   Corporate Bonds

A corporate bond is a loan that you give to corporations. These bonds offer you a high return but they can be risky at times too. The more the company gets business in the market, the higher the yield will be.

This is a suitable option for the patient investors who first analyze the value of a company, how a corporation survives the pandemic, and how potentially it can provide a favorable return with long-run yields.

4.   Cryptocurrency- Bitcoins

Throughout the unstable conditions, a 228% increase in the net value of digital currency made it one of the best and most appealing opportunities for investors.

The continued rise in the worth of Bitcoin seems unstoppable in the future. This bubbling is due to the security provided by blockchain technology, institutional consideration, and value given by all sectors. At present, a single bitcoin equals £41,675.

But investors who step into this market can face certain losses too with scams, fraud, security breaches, and many more. But all investment comes with risks. Try this blockchain currency that is growing exponentially to spend and save.

5.   Online Trading

Online trading is the dealing of shares online. Being an investor, you can do online trading through a third party- that is an investment platform or online broker to help you in successful trading.

If you are a UK resident, then you can find various platforms to try with different services, benefits, and features namely IG, Interactive Investor, Etoro, Plus 500, Hargreaves Lansdown, etc.

Choose the best investment wisely:

Since you have plenty of options for investing your money, all you need to see is where your comfort lies. After analyzing the risks, your patience, your capital, and expectations, choose what will serve you best to make more money.

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