As seen in a survey, eyelash extensions have gone from being a luxury accessory to a daily necessity. Everyone has them, and those who don’t want them. The eyelash extension market is relatively new but is gradually transforming into a booming business. These natural-looking, stunning extensions are increasingly demanding, and the need for upkeep and refills provide a potential for repeat business.

The world of lash extensions is growing faster with every bat of a lash, and an online lash course is a perfect way to become a part of it.

5 Reasons to Get Certified in An Online Lash Course

Eyelash extension training is a relatively affordable time commitment that will provide you with the career change you are looking for.

Meeting New People

Being an eyelash extension artist allows you to work with a variety of clients and build your interpersonal skills. It also provides you with the opportunity to team up with lash technicians you admire and work in a chic salon environment.

Embrace The Artist Within You

You will get a platform to play around with your creativity every single day. You can craft a look that adheres to your client’s persona and pair it with additional beauty treatments like brow and waxing to gain the extra ‘oomph’ factor.

Fun Fact: Eyelash extensions are not a one-size fits all. You can customize it according to each customer’s requirements so try new and exciting things!

Be Your Own Boss

Who doesn’t enjoy flexibility? You will hold power over your schedule and your client list. You can delegate work as your requirement and enjoy that perfect work-life balance.

Craft The Utopian Workspace

Choose a salon or studio booth space of your liking. Combine work and home if you want. Have one spare room in your home and set up shop there. Do as you please.

Let It Rain Money

As mentioned earlier, the eyelash extension business sees repeat clientele and significant revenue. Pair that with skills, experience, and qualifications; you are good to go.

Fun Fact: A lash artist’s average startup hourly wage is between $20 to $25!

5 Easy Steps to Becoming a Lash Trainer

Getting That Qualification

Completing an accredited lash technician training programme is the first and most important step in this journey. It is crucial that you double-check the course before selecting it. These programmes will help you gain the fundamental certification to pursue this profession. The training may include guidebooks, products, allergies, sanitary practices, lash bonding, client preparation, and techniques.

Gain Experience

In the initial phases, working in an already established salon is the best way to gain expertise with clients and hone your skills.

Set Up Your Workspace

Decide if you want to choose a work-from-home or a salon option. Weigh out an economically viable decision, choose a perfect name that describes what you do, and leave room for future expansion.

Establish A Media Presence

Set up social media profiles for your business. Maintain consistency and make it creative. This builds a great portfolio.

Fun Fact: Lash gazing is one of the best pastimes for women on social media! They love to look at others getting a lash extension.

Choose Trusted Products

Find what works for you. Be it products or techniques, it will require trial and error till you find your right fit.

Summing It Up

Working as a lash technician, you will need to be fluent in empathy, patience, and communication to best serve your client. It will require a lot of strategies to mould your work into your client’s needs.

Considering the popularity of eyelash extensions, professionals with online lash course training will be more favoured by salon owners. It is a satisfying career option that allows you the creative space and power over yourself. So go forth and become eye-conic.


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