Do you realize how often you pay on subscriptions you don’t use each month? What about your financial obligations? Are you spending too much and don’t realize it?

Ron Popeil, the creator of Ronco and the designer of the Showtime Rotisserie, was known for teaching his clients to “tune it and forget it,” as well as a minimum of 8 million individuals adored him for it. Popeil recognized the value of robotics long before it became fashionable.

Economists generally have decided to join the “set it and forget it” bandwagon. What’s the final outcome? Suggestions for automating bill payment, conserving, investment, and other tasks. Automation may, on the whole, assist you in enhancing your money, but there’s much more.

There’s a bad side to this technology. Automation is used by service-based organizations, finance firms (and eventually, product-based businesses) to bill clients for unnecessary programs and to smuggle in outrageous costs.

When you go through all of your payment card bills, you’re bound to uncover at least one member that you don’t use. You could also come across a few late fines or bank costs that you’ve neglected about. It’s difficult to stop harmful behaviors after they’ve become automated. We began using a program called Trim to help me stop our negative behaviors.

So, What Exactly is AskTrim?

Don’t you want to have more opportunities to go over your savings accounts and find ways to save money? AskTrim allows you to do just that. This all-in-one financial planning tool gives you individualized financial advice to make it cheaper.

Are you fed up with paying exorbitant cable or utility bills? AskTrim can handle all of the negotiations for you.

Do you have any questions about where your money’s going this month? AskTrim examines your expenses to show you wherever you spent too much money or wasted money.

Do you think you had a better understanding of your subscriptions? AskTrim creates a list for you and deletes those that you don’t want or utilize. AskTrim began as a service for canceling subscriptions, but somehow it gradually expanded.

Several people still employ their detective talents to search to find those ‘free memberships’ which you forgot regarding because they were only free for a limited period.

Recall these “free trials” you signed up for but then submitted your credit card details? How many of those do you have today that you aren’t utilizing? Are you unsure? AskTrim is here to tell you.

How AskTrim Works?

Mint and other business software have revolutionized the way people handle their money.

We no longer have to prepare using a spreadsheet or check into all of our banks and see how much money we’ve expended. By simply opening a smartphone application, we can view our cash flow in seconds.

Whereas these programs have a lot of valuable functions, they also have limitations. At the end of the day, such services aren’t actively assisting us in making the most of our income.

AskTrim attempts to fill a void in the marketplace in this area. The program seeks to actively assist you in managing your money, even reaching so far as to employ machine learning to save money.

You begin by registering for AskTrim on the agency’s website and connecting your bank or credit card credentials. You’ll subsequently contact AskTrim by text messaging rather than using an application.

What AskTrim has to offer?

AskTrim has an increasing variety of methods to help you save money. The platform’s automatic bill negotiating feature, on the other hand, is now the most well-known feature. It could also terminate subscriptions that are no longer needed.

AskTrim’s technique is sound because reducing your expenses and discontinuing subscriptions are minor victories that add up to large savings. Such early wins may and have won people over to the business. The following is how these functionalities work:

AskTrim Features 

AskTrim started off as a mobile application that just offered subscription canceling options. It has subsequently grown, utilizing its algorithms and robotics to help consumers conserve money in other areas.

Its free features are extremely powerful. It offers a variety of free services, including:

  • Debt Calculator – This estimator allows you to examine your whole debt, plus interests, in one location and sometimes even design a payback strategy to help you get through debt faster.
  • Saving Suggestions – Discover how to save financially or join up for additional apps/promotions that might help you save more. If you join up for any products, AskTrim might receive commissions.
  • Spend Alerts – AskTrim will notify you when you spend too much money on a subscription. No one expects to spend more than is required. Now you know what to look for and how to make better decisions in the future.
  • Bill Reminders – Paying late penalties on your invoices is a waste of money. AskTrim may notify you of the deadline as it approaches if you provide your details. Late payments deplete your money and are an inconvenient expense. AskTrim may get rid of these.
  • Financial Dashboard – Examine your personal fortune from the perspective of the institutions you’ve linked to AskTrim. Although the panel is restricted to the banks you connect to, it may encourage you to look into your finances more.
  • Canceling Services – AskTrim’s “bread and butter” business is dedicated to locating and terminating memberships. It locates recurring expenses using its proprietary technology and notifies you of them. AskTrim gives you an email or Messenger message with a summary of your memberships. AskTrim terminates the membership if you reply with ‘Cancel XYZ.’ It’s that easy, and all you have to do is drop an SMS.

AskTrim Premium

AskTrim provides certain luxury services for a less-than-premium cost. You may acquire a 14-day subscription to a $99 yearly package that includes a lot more features than the simple ones mentioned previously.

Continue reading to learn everything there is to know regarding AskTrim’s debt calculator, financial counseling, and other premium offerings.

Bank Negotiation

AskTrim’s Banking Negotiation tool allows you to have AskTrim personally call your financial institution to bargain and save money on your credit card interest rates, additional bank fees, and so on.

Debt Calculator

When you’re on the AskTrim Premium package, getting all of your bank accounts associated with AskTrim is a huge bonus. AskTrim can compute and personalize a payback schedule for you that would reduce the amount of tax you pay on every one of your obligations.

Financial Coaching 

AskTrim’s staff of financial advisors is available to you at any time if you join up for the premium package. They’ll give you advice on financial actions or decisions you’re considering, such as taking out a loan, trading, or paying down debt.


You may use this function to transfer cash from your bank account to AskTrimPay and afterward schedule a transaction to pay off your credit card bills on a specific date.

When you have income in your bank account that you don’t need, you’re inclined to spend it on anything trivial. AskTrimPay’s goal is to avoid this from occurring and, as a result, reduce your credit card debt.

Simple Savings 

That’s an automatic savings plan which pays a 1.5 percent stake on your amount every year. You may also set up an automatic weekly deposit from your bank account to your Simple Savings account. That might not be the highest-yielding option available, although it is secure and simple to use.

AskTrim Premium members may now contact a Financial Coach through email. You may contact your trainer with questions, requests for help, or any other financial considerations you may have. There’s no such thing as a limit.

How Much Does AskTrim Cost

AskTrim is free to join, but it restricts your options. You’ll pay $99 each year for invoice or banking negotiations, hospital bill assistance, or automated credit card processing services.

In addition to the Premium subscription price, AskTrim imposes the following fees:

  • AskTrim Simple Savings – AskTrim imposes a $2.00 recurring monthly charge for regularly transferring cash to your bank account. AskTrim deducts the fee from your associated bank account.
  • AskTrim Success Savings – AskTrim charges 33 percent of the annual savings if they successfully negotiate a reduced payment. If it saves you $20 each month, for instance, that’s a $240 annual savings plus a $79.20 Trimming Success fee sent to your card on file.

(Note: AskTrim Bill Negotiation is available without having to join up for AskTrim Premium. The fee for this operation has always been the same: 33% of the yearly savings).

How Does AskTrim App Work?

AskTrim Application makes it simple to get going. To give AskTrim insight into your monthly spending, just join up for AskTrim and connect your bank account(s).

AskTrim App utilizes Artificial Intelligence to keep track of your monthly expenditure while also conserving your money.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “But does trimming reduced bills work?” Let’s have a look at the two key elements AskTrim employs to help you save money on your expenses.

AskTrim Bill Negotiator – Detailed Explanation 

AskTrim may work with any broadband, landline, or mobile phone service to lower your price. You’ll be requested to connect your wireless carrier and, if it’s not already mentioned, submit your most recent bill when you join up.

AskTrim would then bargain via chatbots (or a phone conversation from an AskTrim representative).

AskTrim’s bill negotiation service is unique in that it continually examines your accounts for opportunities to save dollars.

Let’s assume your monthly bill increases after the original 12-month introductory period, or there’s a nice limited-time deal you weren’t informed of; AskTrim would try to negotiate cheaper pricing in either scenario.

Whenever AskTrim saves you cash, there’s really no price when you’re a registered member (we’ll go through this option below).

When you’re not a premium member, the corporation can cost you upwards of 33% of the financial revenue it makes on your account following a successful settlement. (The cost is determined by the service supplier.)

AskTrim’s reduction would be up to $67 if it saved you $200 each year on a payment. This price is paid in advance, rather than monthly.

This one-time cost may be worthwhile when you’re the sort that never bargains.

If we had a large bill that we hadn’t bargained for in a long time, we’d attempt bargaining it ourselves first. The profile would then be synced with AskTrim.

Despite this, we offered AskTrim the opportunity to bargain on our behalf. Our problem was that we didn’t have much to bargain with. The following is a list of our existing mobile phone, television, and internet providers:

  • Cable and internet – $54.99 per month for limited basic television, HBO, and high-speed broadband.
  • Phones –  We pay an average of $24 monthly for 2 Gigabytes of data on two phones via Xfinity Mobile.
  • Utilities – Through the municipality, utility companies are non-negotiable.

So there wasn’t too much AskTrim could do about huge, ongoing energy and service costs. 

However, by combining your accounts, AskTrim could be able to receive reimbursement for internet and cable interruptions. That’s where we’ve seen the largest cost reductions. 

AskTrim has already been able to have a credit issued to our Comcast subscription on three consecutive instances.

How AskTrim Helps with Subscriptions?

AskTrim’s ability to spot recurrent expenditures and alert you to them is fantastic. AskTrim also allows you to cancel any unwanted memberships immediately, which is fantastic. Is there going to be less work for us? Absolutely, without a doubt!

AskTrim will display all of your memberships if you message “Subs” to it. Then you can just SMS or message AskTrim to stop these for you, sparing you money in no time!

Don’t assume to yourself, “Oh, I don’t even have any memberships” (like we did). AskTrim has identified four subscriptions for us despite the fact that we’ve just been with them for roughly two months.

Subscription services are not really Graze, Blue Apron, or Stitch Fix. These were recurring fees for us, and while we can’t entirely remove them, it’s still a good reminder to change the way you think about where you’re investing for each month.

We, for instance, pay for automobile insurance on a monthly basis. Alternatively, we can pay it every year and save a little income. 

Without AskTrim informing me of the automatic payments this turned up in subscriptions, we would’ve never considered it. This AskTrim evaluation aided me in taking a closer look at each purchase and considering how we may improve.

How AskTrim Helps Lower Your Bills?

AskTrim also has a few options for saving money on everyday expenses. AskTrim, for instance, has a deal with an auto insurance brokerage that can save you dollars. 

We are kings of insurance bargain hunting, so we were taken aback when AskTrim’s quotation equaled our existing vehicle insurance cost. We’ll revisit in 6 months to assess if they’ve succeeded.

AskTrim also saves a lot of money by keeping an eye on Amazon’s price fluctuations. A seven-day price promise was once offered by Amazon. You can request Amazon for dynamic pricing if the price of the product you bought is reduced within seven days of your transaction.

AskTrim knows that Amazon no longer promises a price change, but it doesn’t prevent him from requesting it. AskTrim will give you a cheque for 75% of the savings whether they are able to acquire Amazon discounts for you. The other 25% will be yours to retain.

We signed up for a subscription since it never hurts to test, but we would not want to spend our time fighting with Amazon over pricing increases.

Lastly, AskTrim has a trial program in which they are working with Comcast to reduce their prices. Consumers have saved a median of $10 per month on internet and cable subscriptions. We didn’t participate in this campaign because we’re not a Comcast member.

How to Set Up Alerts Using AskTrim?

AskTrim can also be used to create text message notifications. You may set up alerts for low balances (for instance, whenever your bank account goes under $1000), late fees, and more.

All of those are excellent for encouraging you to pay close attention to your money if you’re behind on your payments. We put up a variety of notifications to assist us in staying on track with our budget.

How to Earn Cash Back Using AskTrim?

AskTrim has forged an intriguing partnership with Visa. They provide 3-4 opportunities to make a couple of dollars in cash back per month. Paying over $5 at the supermarket and $5 at a cafe this month earned you $1 in cashback. We were dubious at first, but it’s true.

AskTrim provides you monthly deals through Facebook Messenger, and you may find out about them by glancing at the texts AskTrim delivers you. You may unsubscribe at any time.

This method is a little less secure than canceling a subscription. To be eligible for “Trim Savings,” you must first register your Visa debit card with AskTrim. They will never use your Visa data for anything other than Trim Savings.

AskTrim, on the other hand, sends out promotions over Facebook Messenger. This implies Facebook is aware of your AskTrim usage. Is this a significant issue? It wasn’t for us, but you have to decide for yourself.

Does AskTrim Act As a Budgeting App?

AskTrim’s budgeting software isn’t as comprehensive as Personal Capital’s, but it’s a good method to keep track of the money and make progress towards your financial objectives.

You can see your transaction history, biggest purchases, money transfers categorized by a merchant, and exchanges categorized by topic under the “Your Spending” page. You may then contrast your costs to those from the prior month.

What Happens If AskTrim Doesn’t Work with Your Service Provider?

Upon switching on to Straight Talk, which would be our cell phone service. AskTrim does not function with them because they are not recognized as a supplier. They do, nevertheless, provide an area where you can submit your most recent bill in PDF format or send it with them to check what they’ll do.

We opted to attempt logging into Straight Talk, save our monthly payments in PDF format (these don’t supply monthly invoices), and submit it to AskTrim and see what would occur.

We have still yet to hear from them about what they’re doing for us as of the moment of writing but to be fair, we only filed it this afternoon. When we receive a response, we’ll be sure to update the article!

Is AskTrim Legal and Legitimate?

AskTrim is a genuine product. To be truthful, depending on the situation, you might or might not be able to save some money. Have you lately had your payments renegotiated? Do you terminate your ‘trial subscriptions’ on a constant schedule? AskTrim would not save you cash, but it is legitimate.

AskTrim claims to have saved its subscribers a minimum of $1,000,000 in the previous month. The amount of money saved varies for each individual, but there is never a promise.

AskTrim, on the other hand, is a terrific option when you’re short on funds and will need a quick approach to save money.

Is AskTrim Safe?

The most common issue with any application that connects to our private accounts is whether or not the Application is secure. Fortunately, they’ve thought of everything (and some more!) when it comes to safety:

  • They utilize SSL encryption with a key length of 256 bits (identical to websites with a safe digital shopping cart)
  • Identification using two factors (like having to provide two types of ID)
  • Read-only permission (i.e., they can’t make any changes to your profiles)
  • Trim never saves your login information on its website (it only passes the information along and doesn’t save it). 

The link to your checking account through a system called Plaid. Whenever they request your login information, they send it to Plaid, who then sends it to your banking or payment card provider. 

Plaid then responds with an encoded token. AskTrim saves this instead of your login information, which stops them from keeping your information on hand.

Is Trim risk-free? We hate to admit it, but it has a higher level of security than certain online marketplaces.

How Does AskTrim Make Money?

If you’re still puzzled about how AskTrim generates money and what advantage it sees in cutting your costs, the answer is straightforward. AskTrim takes a 33 percent cut of your entire annual earnings as a fee.

That wasn’t all, though. AskTrim also suggests financial items that are tailored to your requirements and tastes. As a consequence, those financial instrument providers compensate AskTrim for introducing you (and other customers) to them.

AskTrim Customer Support

AskTrim is required to give customer care because they provide banking services. AskTrim customer service may be reached at if you have a query or an issue with your subscription or an application.

Evolve Bank provides financial services, therefore write an email to when you have a problem regarding their online banking.

AskTrim App Pros and Cons 


  • Detects and removes unnecessary memberships for you.
  • Make a deal with service providers on your behalf to reduce your expenses.
  • AskTrim is paid out of the money you made. Therefore you don’t have to repay them out of your own wallet.
  • AskTrim is a safe app that doesn’t exchange your financial data with anybody else.
  • The platform has its own Application, which is user-friendly for everyone to use.


  • If you’re currently doing everything AskTrim provides, it might not be necessary.

Are There Alternatives to AskTrim App?

AskTrim App Vs. Clarity Money 

Clarity Money includes a lot of the same capabilities as AskTrim. They, similar to AskTrim App, provide bill negotiating and membership cancellation, as well as additional services like credit rating track.

AskTrim, on the other hand, is the superior alternative since the AskTrim premium deal involves free expert financial advice.

AskTrim App Vs. Billshark 

Billshark, similar to AskTrim, allows you to negotiate your bills. However, in comparison to AskTrim, Billshark costs you a 40% charge for the amount they save you. Furthermore, the AskTrim application is a step forward because it offers additional services. Billshark, for instance, lacks the ability to cancel subscriptions.

AskTrim App Vs. Truebill

AskTrim Application and Truebill both offer comparable services to minimize cost. Truebill also provides tools for detecting and eliminating recurring fees, as well as automatic bill negotiation.

The biggest distinction is that AskTrim App will terminate your memberships for free, whereas Truebill requires a premium subscription.

AskTrim Review: Is Trim Worth It?

AskTrim is not for everyone and; you could choose to save dollars by negotiating your expenses or staying abreast of your expenditure in other ways.

We enjoy being able to handle my recurring memberships with AskTrim since it keeps things tidy and orderly and gives me a sense of security that I’m not squandering money.

AskTrim can also warn you about a range of items, and it’s sort of amusing to have that little personal secretary looking over your money and giving you notes when you overpay.

AskTrim can only bargain with service companies in the U.S, which is unfortunate, but we are certain they’re trying hard to extend to other countries.

To sum up our AskTrim review, we believe it is well worth your time to join up for AskTrim.

This because?

You have a lot of fantastic features without having to spend money. It doesn’t get any better than that, does it?


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