The purpose of massage therapy is to reduce stress, treat injuries, improve circulation, improve relaxation, and improve a client’s general well-being. During a massage, oil, lotions, and hot stones may be used, depending on the client’s request or the result he or she wants. It is possible to have all kinds of massages.

It is a calling to work as a Massage Therapist,” said Lori Walter, LMT, a Massage Therapist based in Texas. A passion for physiology and a desire to learn are the most desirable qualities in a Massage Therapist.”

Professionals must discuss with their clients’ symptoms, health records, and desired outcomes before giving a massage, as well as evaluating their current conditions and levels of tension. Licensed Massage Therapists (or “RMTs”) may advise clients to stretch, relax, and strengthen their bodies after delivering therapeutic massage. In addition, after a massage treatment, a Traveling massage therapist should document their patient’s condition and progression for future reference.

 Training and education

Typically, these professionals must finish a post-secondary non-degree program which typically includes 600-1000 hours of coursework and practice, and experience. In both public and private postsecondary institutions, these programs can be found, and admission to the programs typically requires a high school diploma or its equivalent. Participants are expected to learn about anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and business management in these programs.

There are several schools of massage therapy in Texas that operate independently. When the 500 hours are completed, the license is transferable state-to-state with the national certification test,” Walter explained. In addition to learning every system of the body, you are required to master Swedish massage.

The vast majority of states use the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx), which is offered by several states, including California, Connecticut, and Illinois. Professionals may also need a background check, CPR certification, and malpractice insurance, depending on what their employer requires. Massage therapy licenses are usually renewed by continuing education.

Walter went on to say that many massage therapy schools offer evening classes or day classes to make their classes available to potential students. A learner’s schedule and the number of hours and days he or she attends classes will therefore determine how long a program will take to complete. Walter completed her schooling in nine months and then pursued advanced education and a paid apprenticeship.

Organizing and being prepared to learn a new language was difficult from a massage therapy perspective. Biological and medical terms are commonly found in Latin,” Walter explained. Other challenges included learning the curriculum in-depth and assuming responsibility for client health inquiries and needs.”


Professionals who become Massage Therapists have the option of setting up their own practices or expanding their skill sets (such as spa therapies). The business world may also be of interest to massage therapists, or they might take on management responsibilities. Additionally, pursuing advanced education may also open up new career opportunities in allied health.

State-to-state, there are different advancement opportunities, but they usually involve climbing the ladder. To say it another way, you start out at the bottom as a Licensed Massage Therapist, and when you study and take additional classes to earn an advanced license until you finally have the status you wish to maintain. Following her massage therapy school education, Walter opened her own business immediately. With hard work, the sky’s the limit when it comes to reaching your dreams in this field.

Experiential and technical skills

First and foremost, professionals should possess strong communication skills in order to succeed as Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs). Clients use these skills primarily when determining their needs and current conditions. In order to be able to work effectively with a client to achieve preferred outcomes (for example, lowering their stress or tension levels), LMTs need to possess solid decision-making skills.

Often, when people suffer from physical health problems, it is because they did not listen to their bodies or body mechanics or because something prevented the brain and the body from communicating. Alternative healing practices include massage therapy, so the therapist communicates with the client about their body and then carefully expresses what they need to know, Walter said. The ‘norm’ today is to run around with too little sleep and too much coffee. However, a lifestyle like that robs the body of having sufficient opportunities to make changes and create wellness.


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