Since the 1990s, marketers have focused on content to reach new customers and keep them loyal. But can content take forms other than text-based articles? Yes. Today, content generally appears as non-text-based GIFs, images, videos, infographics, and several other formats.

Among these formats, videos in the 21st century have become the turning point of the marketing endeavors of different companies.

In a survey by Wyzowl, we learned that almost two-thirds of businesses have indulged in video marketing to boost sales.

So, you must also consider videos as a necessary addition to your promotional campaigns for your brand. Let’s explain why video marketing should be a vital part of your marketing endeavors.

Why should businesses focus on video marketing?

The reason behind using videos seems obvious enough, i.e., consumers understand information far better with images/videos than with written articles.

What they watch remains in their memories longer than a text-based ad. That’s why major social media platforms such as Facebook are focusing excessively today on video marketing.

Let’s explain how video marketing benefits businesses and helps marketers get better outcomes from their ad campaigns. This is all that you need to know now.

So, without further ado, let us get straight to the topic.

  1. Build brand authority

Video marketing allows brands to demonstrate their expertise regarding a certain subject and even become an authority in the industry.

Becoming an authority means your brand will appear when customers search for that subject. But how can you produce quality videos for your brand?

Business owners should try virtual production for remote video filming to create quality content.

So, this service can create video-based content for your brand virtually by filming it remotely.

Now, you need to have an appointment with these remote filmmakers to become an authority brand.

  1. Videos boost sales

Once your brand becomes an authority, this popularity will translate into more sales for your brand. Believe us, videos can make you decent money.

Estimates dictate that putting a video on your site’s homepage can increase conversions by 80% within a single week. So, videos boost sales radically.

  1. Educate your customers

Marketers are focusing on not just transmitting promotional material to customers but on educating them as well.

An educated customer can make better-informed decisions and understand the value your brand offers.

You can observe how some brands upload educational material on YouTube since it’s easier to educate customers by leveraging famous video-sharing platforms. And visual methods in education have always been proven far more effective than text-based articles, ebooks, or blogs.

  1. Video build trust

Excellent content builds a relationship of trust between brands and their consumers. And videos are great ways to make your audience trust your business.

Remember that your ROI’s based on the trust between you and your customers.

Traditional marketing endeavors are being replaced for a simple reason, i.e., people don’t trust them anymore. That’s why brands leverage videos to build trust, engage consumers, inspire emotions, inform people, and transform them into paying customers.

  1. Engage all buyers

Video marketing helps brands engage even with the laziest of all buyers. It’s because the love for any quality video today is almost universal.

Statistics indicate that an average consumer will spend 84 minutes daily watching video-based content. That’s why it’s become important for brands today to engage customers by producing informative and entertaining videos.

Promote your content to all potential consumers online. That’s how you can grow your sales radically.

  1. Grow your community

Global brands are publishing videos on their social media profiles to attract more consumers as well as maintain already-existing ones.

You can easily grow a socially active community by posting quality videos on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Just remember to make them entertaining for customers to improve their shareability across other social media platforms.

Adorn your videos with relevant hashtags now to promote your brand on channels not even used by your brand normally.

  1. Get more backlinks

Some experts have claimed that adding videos to your webpage can triple the number of backlinks it receives. And we have no reason to disbelieve this assertion. But why do you need more backlinks to your website?

Well, improving your backlink profile makes your website appear authoritative as per SERP rankings. These backlinks increase your brand’s domain authority, thereby honing the website’s reputation digitally. That’s how video marketing does your brand a favor in terms of SERP ranking.

  1. Google likes videos

All of the factors we have discussed above prove that videos make your webpage appear valued, trusted, and reliable, thereby worthy to be placed higher on SERPs.

Similarly, consider this statistic to assess how much Google worships your videos:

“Webpages with videos are 53 times more likely to claim a place at Google’s first SERP.”

  1. Bolster email sends

Just mentioning the word “video” in the subject of an email can hone its CTR and bolster the email’s effectiveness.

Moreover, embedding a video in your emails can improve their click-through rates by 300%, as per some surveys.

So, brands can make email marketing – an already famous marketing strategy – a lot better by adding videos.

Customers love getting videos, and they are a great way to make them read your marketing material, product description, etc. Focus on making video-based content a vital part of your campaign.


Let’s repeat the benefits of video marketing we discussed above.

Making video-based content can boost your sales, increase your company’s ROI, and enhance your brand reputation. Just mentioning the word “video” in an email can increase its chances of getting opened.

Videos allow marketers to easily educate their customers and engage even the laziest.

Moreover, Google likes videos; thereby, they bolster your SEO endeavors. You can grow your consumer base by opting for an effective video marketing campaign.

Get high-quality backlinks via video marketing, help your brand get a competitive advantage over all industry competitors, and become a leader in your respective industry.


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