Your old man has exerted much of himself for his family. He has worked day and night constantly to make sure everything is going to be alright. A father is a pillar of support that provides happiness and security to his children. After a stressful week, your father would probably prefer to visit the place where he plays golf, swims, or does any physical activity to unwind.

Dads also deserve good things in life, especially when they are a great parent. So why get a gift for him? Giving gifts is also a form of appreciation. If he is a sports-savvy type of guy, why not buy him a sports-related gift? Here are five gifts for dads who love sports.

The Flightscope Mevo+

If your father loves to play golf but doesn’t have the chance to visit the golfing range, get him this launch monitor. The weather is very unpredictable in Australia, but The Mevo+ is suitable indoors and outdoors. So your dad can play at any time he wants at his convenience. In addition, the Flightscope Mevo+ provides golf players with detailed performance results while using this device.

This advanced technology includes the combo of a tracking radar and high image processing, making the Flightscope Mevo+ worth it. Unlike other golf simulators, the Mevo+ offers a different golfing experience.

A Poster Of His Favorite Athlete

During your dad’s good ol’ days, he probably was an avid fan of a sports athlete; maybe he still is. There are a lot of shops that print various sizes of posters. Here’s a bonus tip that he will surely appreciate your gift–try to look for a banner with the signature of his favorite sports player. He might jump for joy when he receives this gift. Although he may not be able to utilize this gift, it’s a reminder of his youth.

A Sports Watch

Most likely, your father finds strenuous physical activity exhausting. However, all the exercise is fun and good for his health since he is approaching his senior years. Therefore, it would be handy if he had a gadget to monitor his health strapped on him. With that, consider a sports as your gift for him. It can provide accurate information on the heart rate, calculate the steps, and monitor fitness health.

An Insulated Tumbler

While being a sports lover, there are times when he will feel dehydrated because of the extraneous activity. With that said, there’s an instance that he will keep buying plastic water bottles that are harmful to the earth. Why not try to buy him an insulated tumbler? Using a water bottle is good for the planet since it can reduce waste too. Let your father stay hydrated during the day since there are numerous benefits of drinking water regularly.

A Sports Jersey

With this gift, he can wear it any day he wants. If your old man loves to have a retrofit, why not pair this sports jersey with jeans? Your father can act like a famous basketball player or the greatest football player by wearing a sports jersey. There is a lot of clothing apparel across Australia that sells authentic jerseys. They have different designs which you can choose from.


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