Getting out on the open road and having the wind rush by you is a thrill that a lot of motorcyclists love to experience. This method of transportation can be freeing and exhilarating, and it is easy to see how a lot of people become attracted to motorbikes, including that they will always look effortlessly cool.

Just like any vehicle, however, motorcycles need to be properly maintained and cared for if they are to stay safe both on and off the road, so here are some suggestions on how you can do that if you’re a new motorbike owner.

1.   Keep it in Your Garage or Another Secure Location

It isn’t uncommon for people to leave their bikes or other vehicles parked on the driveway, and if you do live in a safe area, you might be comfortable doing this. Nonetheless, no matter how nice the neighborhood is, the reality is that opportunist thieves and vandals can still strike at any time.

If you want to keep your motorcycle protected more efficiently, parking it in the garage and closing this at night would be much more beneficial, or another secure location where it’s out of sight. Furthermore, this will help protect your bike better from the elements when the weather outside can be compromising.

2.   Take it for Annual Checks

Many vehicles require annual checks to ensure that everything is working properly and that it is safe to drive. This is often a legal requirement in some countries or regions, so it is something that you might be obliged to do as a motorcycle owner regardless.

However, if you are ever concerned that there might be an issue with your bike, don’t hesitate to take it to a professional mechanic. Even if you do know a little bit about motorcycle mechanics, it’s always wise to get an expert to take a look, especially if you feel unsure.

3.   Using an Auto Transport Company When You Move

If you ever move house, particularly long distance to another part of the country, you might want to think about using an auto transport company to deliver your bike to your new address. This is ideal for those who aren’t planning to travel on their motorcycles to their new property, and you will likely be driving there in a car or van with some of your other belongings.

If you want to make sure your motorbike gets there in one piece, look into motorcycle transport services like They will be able to look after your bike and get it delivered to your new home efficiently.

4.   Regular Cleaning and General Maintenance

Another way you can make sure that your bike is safe to use and also looks its best is by taking the time for regular cleaning and general maintenance. Set aside a couple of hours at the weekend to carry out these tasks, aiming to do it at least twice a month if you can.

Final Thoughts

These are just some basic tips on how you can keep your new motorcycle safe, but make sure to do further research to get the most out of your bike and keep it in good shape.


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