According to statistics, there are more than 41 million Spanish speakers in America. This is a huge number of Hispanics, Latinos, and Spanish-speaking communities in the country. Consequently, there is a great demand for apps and technologies that help the individuals in the community learn and improve their English while living in the States.

There are 5 mobile apps that have the best features for aiding English learning in Spanish speakers!

1.    Duolingo

You can opt for the free or paid version with Duolingo. It is one of the most popular languages learning apps out there, and the reason is simply its feature-rich free version that beats all other paid apps.

Duolingo is great for learning to speak, read and write English. It is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence that enables a fully personalized English learning experience. It has much more fun and vibrant approach to learning a language, with the use of games to pick up grammar and vocabulary skills. Sometimes people misunderstand Duolingo as a learning app only for kids, due to its game-centric approach. It has many small exercises, sends frequent reminders, and has fun challenges. You can also expect to find some podcasts, fun videos, and some virtual meet-ups with other learners on the platform.

You will have the option to either stick to the free version or also explore the paid version called the Duolingo Plus. The best part is that even with the paid erosion, you get a free trial period of 14 days! Other than English and Spanish, the app is good for more than 19 languages!

2.    Elsa Speak

Many Spanish speakers in the US are more concerned with fixing their pronunciation than their grammar and vocabulary. Grammar is something we tend to learn very early on, even in our schools. Therefore, the bigger challenge lies in fixing the pronunciation. If that’s the case with you, then Elsa Speak will be your best friend. Its real-time feedback design points out your errors in pronunciation and corrects you thoroughly.

It has advanced speech recognition technology that can very precisely catch your errors. The app requires you to take a simple entrance test, which helps the app’s algorithm in understanding your level and coaching you accordingly. You can track your progress and monitor your practice on a daily basis, as well as adjust your difficulty level based on your English proficiency. It has a variety of different topics and categories, in which you find more than 6000 learning exercises. This way, you won’t be engaging in boring exercises and will have the topic of your interest to engage with!

You can select from a variety of three types of memberships with Elsa Pro. These range between:

  • ELSA PRO: Lifetime membership
  • ELSA PRO: 1-year membership
  • ELSA PRO: 3 months membership

Their pricing may be a little confusing and ever-changing, so you should visit their websites to get more details on that!

3.    Mondly

Mondly is a language learning app more relevant for total beginners. For intermediate English speakers, Mondly might not pose a lot of challenges to learning.

The app is equipped with speech recognition AI and gives automated feedback to the user’s speaking skills. It is highly recommended to students, thanks to its basic free version that has many useful features and is perfect for the right budget that students usually have.

However, if you get its premium subscription, you will be in for some great deal of features! It has unique VR features in the premium membership that lets users interact with fellow learners in a virtual setting. It also has a chatbot that is available for talking and practicing your English 24/7! Furthermore, it is more suitable for learning vocabulary and improving pronunciation. In terms of English grammar, Mondly has limited grammar explanations and can therefore be not suitable for that purpose.

4.    FluentU

Learning through visual aid is always much more productive than just plain and boring reading and writing. This is where FluentU excels too. It uses a wide library of video content that its users can access for learning a language. The best part is that these videos are from several categories, such as movie trailers and TV commercials. Once you watch the video of your interest, you have to fill out a quiz that assesses your learning!

Once you are done with the video and the quiz, you also get to track your progress and performance. All the new words and vocabulary you learn are gathered up in flashcards, so you can revisit them quickly at any time. The videos are downloadable, allowing you to learn on the go even if there is no internet.

FluentU is a seamless, fun, and vibrant way of learning any language. However, it does not have any free version and requires a paid subscription either on a monthly or a yearly basis. It does have a free trial version with all its paid subscriptions.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget to note that all these language learning apps require you to be connected to a reliable internet as well. Even apps like FluentU that have offline viewing options first require the internet to download the videos. Therefore, it is essential to get your hands on high-speed, yet affordable internet plans from reliable providers like Spectrum and Suddenlink. These two providers particularly cater to the Spanish-speaking audience by having Spanish-dedicated plans and a customer support team.


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